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October 26, 2012

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“Transition To 4th-Dimension Calls For Release of the Old 3-D Aspect of Self”

January 1, 2013

“Transition To 4th– Dimension Calls for Releasing of the Old 3-D Aspects of Self”


I would like to share with you of what I am experiencing as a vital individual process that my Soul is asking and ushering me to do as this very important time of the Spiritual evolution.  My sharing is for the purpose of encouraging  those who are wanting to grow through the aspects of themselves through Spiritual Healings, as they journey on Life’s Path to enlightenment.


Let us be proactive in taking the necessary steps toward the necessity of letting go of the 3-dimensionally embedded self.   We have strongly been conditioned to unknowingly accept false beliefs of our True value and therefore, our most precious Life Purpose.  Unknowingly, we have engaged in an inner self-monologue, emotions, behaviors and actions that continue to be cyclic in its self-defeating pattern.  Does Life require each individual to call themselves Spiritual?  No, however, the necessary inner work still holds strong relevancy and validity to personal development.  All individuals are of a Spiritual Nature, whether we know this to be of Truth or not; we are Pure Love Energy . . . Spirit, above all else.


My recommendation is to see your specific situation and circumstances, those of the negative experience, as a great opportunity for learning and discovering the hidden Blessings within each situation regardless of the severity or seriousness of the issues.  It is vital to understand that the personal experience is meant specifically for you, and to share with another to gain their perspective about your experience of you in any particular situation, is not necessarily in your best interest.  However, to be able to have someone be an “active listener” is very important; to have as many interpersonal relationships as you can.


I believe that the Catholics had something vital that speaks to my point of view; confessing one’s situation, as opposed to exposing one’s sins or wrongful doing, can be beneficial to those who are ready to understand where they are most vulnerable.  However, when the confessional process includes instilling a sense of shame or guilt to the one who is admitting their faults or weaknesses, it has become a type of co-dependent relationship, with a lot of people.


Although, I am a multi-dimensional counselor and life coach, I, too, am facing a final release and letting go through embracing a very serious and chronic medical problem.  I am actually in very good health, and so when my disorder presented itself, I did not take it seriously until now as it has become debilitating.  During the past several months I have done all that I thought of to do, such as attending various doctor visits with dermatologists and allergists, and with my Internal Medical Physician.  I, even, have attempted to have my Natural Path physician help with healing my problem.  Not one doctor, thus far, has been able provide me with adequate treatment.  I go about my workday, and now my body is exhausted from the pain and the side effects of the medical disorder.


On the positive side, I have done all my inner work, including embracing and accepting my condition.  I have continually asked for help from my family from the Angelic and Spiritual Planes, and I have felt them there with me many times.  However, I am fully aware that I must do my part.  So here it is again; the reality that we must do our part, and one can heal ourselves, but us.


Thanks to my sister, and close friends who are very good at being “good listeners,” rather than attempting to “fix” the problem for me, they have been interpersonal with me in such a way that I was able to finally uncover my Life Learning at this time of final release of the old ways of believing, thinking, feeling, and behaving.   I knew the answers would come to me after days and days of asking through affirmations and prayers.  However, I will add that my condition had to become so serious for me to finally get to that important place of truly letting go through acceptance (not a passive . . . take this I cannot handle it).


First, I experienced where my inner healing had to take place, as I was telling my sister that I need to go to the emergency room at the hospital.   As she listened to me, knowing fully how difficult it is from to ask for help and to appear vulnerable to others, she allowed me to cry it out as I explained my situation to her.   She helped me to make a decision to ask for help from medical staff, needing someone to drive me to the hospital, and she did this so well.  I achieved each step, fully aware that I was in the process of working through my deepest issues and false beliefs about myself.  Yes, I am working myself out of the place of resistance.


To make a long story short, as they say, I received, no coincidences, a text from a dear friend, who lives out of state, as does my entire support system.  As I told her that I was planning on going to the ER, I found myself further processing what false belief I have been operating from that lead to unwanted outcomes.   I knew I was working on believing, again, that I am worthy of Love, and that I accept me for who I am . . . etc.  I thought I had achieved this part already!!


But, my epiphany occurred as I felt through my emotional pain of having to go to the ER (where a lot of counseling clients work . . . I live in a small community), that was fearful of showing my vulnerable side.  I did not want the hospital staff or others to know that I was physically suffering; it was important to me to keep the image that I can do it all without help from others.  Was I actually believing that a therapist is not allowed to be ill, and then viewed as ineffective in their own development? Cognitively, I know that no one is expected to do it all alone, or to live as though I never experience human needs.  Wow, my new awareness is taking me, pushing me, to develop an greater ability to Love myself.


I expect I will continue to process even further, and I am now seeing that I must face my fears, and allow myself to ask for help, show my vulnerabilities, and to accept when others say “no” for whatever reason.  This is most significant, and while it may appear so clear to my sister or friends of how I operate as a giver, I had to be given the True type support interaction that required me to experience and grow through what my Spirit Guides and Family have been helping assisting with.  My awareness is still unfolding as I write this article, and is now telling me that I do NOT have to hide anymore. I can safely BE me, and approve of my moments of feeling vulnerable.  I can expect that my process of getting to my core will continue, and I have begun my inner journey to be Free.  I began to feel the freedom as I verbally admitted that I was not wanting others to see me ill for fear that they would judge me as inadequate or incapable of still doing my work as a psychotherapist (their personal counselor).  The blessing is that it took this specific situation for the fear of being vulnerable to show itself.


Life’s mysteries are so beautiful as we begin to trust in our Creator, and for our uniqueness in how we evolve.  However, I do believe, based on my personal experiences along the while on my Path that we require to develop those interpersonal relationships that are so necessary to our Spiritual Unfolding; learning to embrace, and Love (facing the fears) as we clear out the old, and to embrace others (rather than taking them too personally as it reinforces our negative self concept).  When we continue to ask the universe, IT will provide.  I had stopped asking, because as a child I was not encouraged to ask for anything.


It’s time to achieve that wonderful sense of FREEDOM.  Ultimately, I would encourage you to face the releasing of all that needs to be left in the 3-D, so that once we have increased our personal consciousness by freeing ourselves of the root of our fears, we then can become collaborative community builders and healers for the building of the New Earth.


I encourage you to find a counselor or life coach that can be your true support, as you move forward, and perhaps you already have those effective and supportive individuals in your life already.   I also encourage you to reach out, and allow others to grow too, as giving is as vital as receiving from the heart.


With All of My Heart,





How To “Right the Wrongs”

December 26, 2012

How to “right the wrongs?”



Throughout my life I have been inspired by the writings of Marianne Williamson, who is an Spiritual Inspirational speak and author who has become a clear channel of the written teachings of “A Course In Miracles.”  Her channeling is achieved through communication of speech and writings.


Now that we have entered the early stages of the Golden Age, I am firmly standing on the realization that NOW is the time to begin.  NOW is our beginning place to honor ourselves for the work we have agreed to do, as part of the collective of our Mother Earth’s inhabitants.  From this place of inner peace and acceptance we become more able to align with our true purpose by allowing our Higher Guidance to lead us to the nature of spiritual work.  It is a spiritual work because our human values are shifting to Spiritual Values.


Marianne states from her book titled, “Illuminata,” that “Spiritual Values present a radical alternative to the world’s prevailing thought system.”  Does this statement ring true for you?  If not, please reread the statement, and ask aloud, “What would my Higher Self/God/Goddess/Creator ask me to understand from this passage?”  Sit quietly  . . . alone with your awareness of your breath, and wait for the answer that will come.  Be patient . . . meaning “BE” the patience you would like to be while awaiting for the jewel that comes to you in the form of the answer that is meant for you!


At times in our personal life experiences, we have felt the “wrongs” done unto us, whether intentional or not, by others.  However, if Williamson’s reference to our individual thought forms is vital to the experiences we have as humans then we must give consideration of our freedom to think and perceive in the way we choose.  The truth be told is that how we perceive others and situations is symbolic and represents our relationship with ourselves.


Our perceptions are indications of our own self-concept.  As we improve our thoughts of self, our perceptions of others and of the world will also improve.  Ultimately, we create the world we see, and perpetuate what we see by building on those thought forms that we have now created, and that now hold a strong emotional connection.  The emotional connection to any thought will lead to the creation of that energy and vibrational frequency.  


Hence, the Universal Law of Manifestation, and the realization that we cannot complain about the negativity see in the world, because we feed that “monster” that now has become cyclical in our cognitive and behavioral pattern.  Therefore, if we complain about what we create we are setting ourselves up for what we do not want within our experiences of ourselves.  Consequently, we are also affecting all others and our Mother Earth absorbs these energies, as well.


So how do we then “right the wrongs?”  How do we superimpose a resolution to any given perceived negative situation or interaction?  How do we become detached and stop taking on and becoming the negativity we do not want to feel?  To limit the times we may take situations personally and then become defensive offers a grand opportunity to be deliberate about the use of your power to create and manifest, according.  In essence, there are no problems, if indeed, there are infinite ways to bring harmony to any perceived conflict.


Can we identify that this is the Shift of Ascension, our individual transformation that all individuals are being called to Awaken to?  Does this shift now bring to your Heart Mind that you ARE Spirit, and that our world on Mother Earth requires a higher consciousness of Spiritual Values?


Perhaps we can create a visual in our mind’s eye of two energy fields: the positive energy and the negative energy vibration fields.  When we place our mental focus on a situation that results in a positive emotional response, we have added to the Collective of positive energies, which is where all others (the Collective) are contributing to this same bank of positivity. 


However, when the opposite occurs, we are contributing to negative energies that feed our false beliefs of ourselves as being victims or without personal power to bring the goodness we long for ourselves, our children, our immediate communities, and ultimately our Mother Earth; we feed the dragon that relies on the fuel of our negative thought forms that bring on the highly charged emotions of anger, hatred, rage, revenge, disappointment, frustration, depression, anxiety, etc.


I will end this article, which is written from a passionate heart felt place within my being, with another statement by Marianne Williamson; “We must become bigger than the pain felt at any given moment.”  WE ARE the Love we want to experience, and when we reach this Reality, the separation from True Self/God-Self will dissipate.


And, I must also refer to one of my recent Spirit Guides, John Lennon, who lovely encouraged me to replace the words “thoughts . . . thinking etc.” with the word, “Imagine . . . imagination, imaging, images etc.”  I am a non-traditional psychotherapist, and when I assist my clients to make the word replacement, they got the FULL feeling and learning that every thought is an “Imaging.”  Naturally, my clients respond with “why would I want to imagine anything of negativity?”  My response . . .  “thank you John,” and yes, why would we?


My deliberate intention is to follow where my passions lead me as I learn to return to Love, by increasing my awareness of my own thought forms.  I am learning to “right my wrongs” that I knowingly and unknowingly impose on myself, and others.


From My Heart,



“What Is Your Passion?”

December 26, 2012

 What Is Your Passion?


Like many others, I believe that the new paradigm shift of Ascension is in progress, and it is important for individuals to accept the effects as encouragement to move forward as individuals.  We have begun to transition and to adjust ourselves to the new energy of the New Age.  Specifically, it is time for each individual to awaken to the work that is to be done, in order to claim the power of Love and Spirit. This is our time to identify our inner passion and natural abilities as they were divinely given to help rebuild a better world, the New Earth of Christ Consciousness.  When you know, you know.  In another way of stating this fact, is to reflect on the “I Am That, I Am.”  Let me explain what I am referring to.


Ever since I was a very young child (3-5 years old), I had specific thoughts, and a knowing, that the relationship between men and women had to change, for the better of course.  I can recall feeling a sense of doom, and thinking that this is not what I thought my life would be.  Even as a young child I knew it was not what I hoped for, and I assume this was prior to my arrival in this lifetime.  That’s what I can recall when I observed how poorly my mother and father interacted with each other.  This time in my young life, no doubt, was the beginning stages of becoming separated from my Higher Self, and my “I Am Love, I Am” turned into beliefs of a false sense of self.


This early realization is truly about how men and women are to live on Earth, but importantly it is about improving the relationship with Self before partnering with another. Even more specifically, when we consider the world today, you will see that the women of today must take their place as empowered females, and to take back her Goddess power.  By doing so, she must return and reintegrate to her Higher Self, her True Self.  No longer is she to misuse her energies that deviate from her True spiritual value.  No longer will she blame others for how she feels, and no longer will she believe she is responsible for how others feel.  She will be on the road to freedom of spirit, and free to grow as part of the collective. 


Until women begin to awaken to their True purpose in becoming whole, men will not have the greatest of opportunities to become whole in achieving their own balance of their masculine-feminine energies.  The Bahia religion expresses the importance of the male-female roles as being the “Two Wings  . . . Bird of Humanity . . . both are needed for Humanity to take flight” . . . .to ascend.  Also, Alice Walker’s poem titled, “Democratic Womanism,” expresses how the people upon our planet Earth must change, and for the need of equality and mutuality. 


Ascension relies upon the wholeness of each individual, and the balance of energies within each individual.  Male and female are only symbols representing the masculine and feminine energies we all hold within our being.  These energies are NOT about gender.  This will be the greatest paradigm shift of all.


I welcome your feedback, in hopes that clarification be applied accordingly.  Remember you emotional responses are occurring for you to be aware of your own Guidance System.  Just as I experienced as young child observing adult parents who had not taken individual responsibility, and hence blamed each and their child for their inability to Love themselves, especially during times of inner disharmony and conflict.


Thank for taking the time to read, absorb, and align yourself with the Truth and how it speaks to you.  Please keep in mind that my expression of Truth is not going to match exactly with how others experience their Truth of Reality.


~ Kathy



The Morning After

December 23, 2012

The Morning After



As I reflect this morning about my personal experiences of 12-21-12, I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful and heartfelt meditation that Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett held from Maui, HI.  Additional gratitude goes to 2012 Scenario staff and writers, channels, and followers of this invaluable website.


My level of awareness took another step toward a deepening of the Truth of Oneness; not a concept or theory, but a Universal Law that can be easily integrated in the mind of ego, but not as easily integrated into our Intuitive Heart and Soul.  My realization did not take hold until into the late night.  It was, no doubt, a deepening that resulted from spending the entire day processing whatever issues, concerns, or questions that came up.  As my day proceeded hour-by-hour I had felt emotions of bliss, joy, and then I found myself dipping into the lower vibration frequencies of negative emotions. 


As a result, my Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters ever so lovingly reminded me that I must do my part.  So once again I stepped into my Higher Self, my True Self” by “climbing” Abraham’s (Abraham-Hicks) Emotional Indicators Scale.  During my webinar meditation with Rose/Everett, I had felt an inner shift while stating the “I AM THAT, I AM.”  What a subtle, yet pivotal, turning point for me as I move toward the meaning of “Oneness.”  I AM a part of All There Is.  The combination of riding the negative emotional responses through, and of the “I AM” somehow make a vital “ah ha” moment for me.


Having a sense a humor with the ability to laugh at myself, at just the right time, has been an excellent occurrence, as it was needed as I was arriving at my unique and serious understanding of what it means for me to be a part of the “Oneness” of ALL THERE IS.  Suddenly I understood my life’s purpose, and my heart was filled with immense feelings my importance and the importance of others.   The question that arose was whether I was experiencing a necessary “detachment” from the consistent occurrence of distractions.


After another meditation, and into the remaining hours of 12-21-12, winter solstice, as well as, the beginning of the New Golden Age, I suddenly realized “oh, I am not going to reap the benefits of my lifetimes, until I continue to do the work, my INDIVIDUAL work!”  Yes, I was still holding on to the false premises that at some point during the Ascension process I was going to be relieved or “saved.” Was I also holding a deep thought that I had “arrived,” and by doing so my life would suddenly my external life would be Heaven.  Well, that is a no, as I know Heaven is within.  Surely Divine Mother or Master Jesus would decide to rein me in from 3-D by determining  . . . “she’s had enough.”  Well, ‘no”  . . . that is not of the Truth of Universal Law.


Then unexpectedly at almost midnight I received negative news from a close family member.  Suddenly, my emotions began to spiral downward as the tears flooded in.  I thought, “No, I want to sustain the more peaceful place I had achieved.  Well, as soon as I thought the tears were over with, they would start up again.  I wanted so much to end my day at a happy state of being.  At the same time I knew that I could not deny nor resist these emotions, which were driven by a false belief.  I wanted to achieve a higher level of being a deliberate creator, and a conqueror over thought by returning to the Love that I Am.  Consequently, my ability to transmute my energy from negative to positive (Love) was being given another opportunity.


I called out to Divine Mother and Master Jesus, and within seconds, I could feel my process begin to complete itself instantaneously.  An immediate comfort of peace and warmth came over me.  My surrendering was my way of resolving via transmuting.  Just for the asking all can be returned to hopefulness; seek and ye shall find.


The idea of being At-One with All There Is may truly mean that All are created equal, and that means there is no “hierarchy” among Spirit, regardless which form it has taken: non-physical or physical form.  All creation holds value and equality, and most of all, our Beloved Mother Earth.


However, equality of All is just that: all people are equal to all of the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters/Saints/Goddesses, ETs, and those of the Galactic Federation and Star Beings of Light, and of course, all living things and nature


Please consider that I was aware of this reality, but the “I Am” meditation helped me get to this deeper awareness.  And, I had to laugh with the relief I felt that brought a lightness of being.  Ah . . .. Imagine I was holding the hope that I would be relieved of the emotional pain by some kind of Spiritual removal (from outside of myself) from my physical existence . . . . . that someone would save me by taking me the rest of the way???  NOT!!  How many times I had heard during the interviews of Linda Dillon’s channeling of Archangel Michael and Divine Mother where they reminded us that they are with us.  Somehow I must have imagined them outside of myself, rather than as a part of me.


Again, my sense of humor arrived at the right time, as I felt the presence of my Spirit Family who were guiding me.  I heard their message of guidance loud and clear.  They hope we do ask for help, as they are ready to assist us in helping ourselves, but within the Universal Law(s).  We, do not need to hold onto negative emotions, but can embrace the experience as it brings opportunity to create a better feeling experience as we choose, or not, to elevate our vibration frequencies.  Yes, we will always practice our creative abilities to attract and manifest, accordingly.  And no one can do IT for us, and we cannot do IT for others.


Now, it’s the morning after, and as I sit up in bed writing, I am at peace because I know Mother Earth has made her transition into the Golden Age, which she will continue to travel her path further into the Age.  And, I will do the same.


When I first awoke I heard a type of hum or vibration sound.  It reminded me of the Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Moses Code Meditation.  Well, this sound woke me up.  But once I sat up I could not determine where it was coming from, and it faded almost immediately once I sat up.  Perhaps, I was blessed with the sound of our Universe. But this I knew with certainty . . . my heart was full and somehow everything felt so right.


Being part of the collective can only achieve Heaven on Earth, as much as we grasp the fact that we are of the Divine.  Will we live our value?  I believe we will, eventually, but I no longer am thinking of others as much as I of my own individuality as I am do what I am to do. 


I know that I have all that is needed to experience what I choose, and personally, my ascension is what I look forward to.  In fact, I am not even certain that Ascension is my desire, as it is my desire to just BE in Love, and live life fully.  And so, I will move forward with Joy in my heart, and with Divine Confidence. 


All Is Well



Foes Now Friends: US Stealth Pilot and the Serb Who Shot Him Down

November 6, 2012

I understand that some people will have suffered a great deal from people considered enemies and may find the thought of making peace with their oppressors difficult. It’s wonderful that in this case, peace was able to be made.

I don’t intend this article to imply it will be easy to do on all occasions or that people who’ve been traumatized by others should necessarily be following suit. Where peace can be made, it’s wonderful. Where it cannot, we respect that decision too. Thanks to Bregje.

Last updated at 19:55 ET

Foes now friends: US stealth pilot and the Serb who shot him down

By Guy De Launey BBC News, Belgrade, 5 November 2012

Dale Zelko and Zoltan Dani talk about how they forged their friendship

A former US Air Force pilot and the man who shot his stealth plane down during Nato’s operation in Serbia have struck a remarkable friendship.

Breaking bread with the enemy is one thing. Making it together is a step that former foes do not usually take. Read more…

Mandelbrot: Falling-Apart Relationships and Passing Tests

October 27, 2012

“Mandelbrot. Mandelbrot,” I woke up one morning with this term swirling around my brain. What the….? I couldn’t even recall the slightest meaning of “Mandelbrot.” Though at one time prior, I might have been able to tell you that a Mandelbrot set is a fractal  — and is infinitely complex.

“Complex” in conjunction with anything mathematical is where I shut down. These numbers are different than real numbers — with which I have a hard enough time. Never mind throwing in imaginary numbers. (Though I have been known to work with imaginary numbers when balancing my checkbook.) This made the choice of “Mandelbrot” by my subconscious even more mystifying.

I suppose it must be said that at the time “Mandelbrot” was doing laps around my mind, I was plagued by intense relationship problems. The increased incidence of which has since been reported by many, many other people as we take out the dregs of our personal, shadowy trash before December 21, 2012.  To say I was miserable would be sugar-coating how I felt…more than once pulling over to unrestrainedly weep in my car throughout a three-week period — which was about to come to an end.

Because this day — as “Mandelbrot, Mandelbrot, Mandelbrot” played knickknack on my head — I (?) made a snap decision to turn hard right into the parking lot outside Quest, the local metaphysical bookstore. Slipping past, I quietly situated myself in the back alcove where Gregg Braden’s book, Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, jumped into my hands.

Dang if I didn’t randomly open up to a page explaining that Mandelbrot is a living equation. Talk about being guided…I almost fell out (as they say in the South). When set in motion, the equation grows and evolves within a short time as a beautiful and ever-changing series of curves, swirls, and lacy patterns. Braden says it is a never-ending dance between balance and chaos in nature, and represents emotional relationships.

Turns out, according to Braden, Mandelbrot has to do with being given a great test…with the potential to yield great gifts. This test is only given when one is in balance and has garnered all the tools necessary to pass the test. The balance itself is the trigger that invites the change.

I couldn’t believe it. Here was entirely hopeful news. I was in this morass because I had the means to get out of it. I wasn’t a victim. I was an end-of-semester student.

As Braden explains, fractal patterns had come together in balance and now needed to fall apart “…only to evolve into new patterns of even greater balance.” So, the only conclusion could be that I must be ready. A turn-of-events that started to look less like self-pity and a lot more like grace.

Braden goes so far as to call this falling apart a “Dark Night of the Soul.” In his October, 2011 newsletter, Eckhart Tolle defines the “Dark Night of the Soul,” as “an eruption in your life of a deep sense of meaninglessness,” triggered perhaps by the premature death of someone you love. Or in my case, by an ambushed harangue directed at my character. Emerging from the dark night, Tolle says, “They awaken into something deeper, which is no longer based on concepts in your mind. […] It’s a kind of re-birth.”

That day at Quest, I embraced the state of the relationship. In a funny way, this new-found confidence in my ability to pass the test obviated the need for taking the test at all. Of course, it’s not as difficult to pass an open-book test — especially when using the Teacher’s Edition.

The whole experience helped me to realize that the relationship was asking me to make a decision — calling me back “in” with a reborn sense of joy and commitment. What had seemed irreparable just needed to fall apart in order to reach a heightened level of love and devotion. Moreover, I began to see the breach as a chance to redefine myself and to re-qualify my desires and goals. Best of all, I am no longer afraid to ask for what makes me happy — and my requests are being granted.

All this was over a month ago.

This morning, I woke up with a distinct “Arjuna” on my lips. This was more a dream, an impression of his silky, long black hair but wearing a dark business suit. The two of us nestled in the backseat of a black Lincoln Town Car. Me in the middle with my real-life husband on the other side.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna is a warrior who’s trying to parse everyday struggles of the ego, exhorting that our greatest battles are fought in the mind. The ultimate aim: self-realization.

The following is excerpted from a June 14, 2010 blog post entitled “Arjuna Passes the Test,” at

Finally, it was the turn of Arjuna. As soon as Arjuna was ready, Dronacharya asked, “Arjuna, what can you see?” Arjuna replied, “Gurudev, I can see only the eye of the bird, and nothing else.” With a smile on his face, Dronacharya said, “Fire!” and Arjuna let loose the arrow which found its mark.

Dronacharya turned to the other princes and said, “Did you all understand the point of this test? When you aim for something, you must look at nothing else but the target. Only intense concentration can help you strike the target. All of you could see the other things like the trees, the fruits, the leaves and the people because you were not concentrating on the task given to you. It was only Arjuna who was really concentrating. So now all of you know why Arjuna is the best student!”

Dronacharya’s test silenced the Kauravas, and all understood that Arjuna was indeed the best student.