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Peace Much More than a Cessation of Armed Conflict

September 30, 2012

Child labor

For me, world peace doesn’t mean simply a cessation of war.  Much more prevents this world from being at peace than simply armed conflict.

Our world will not be at peace until its crimes and cruel customs are also eliminated.

It may be very difficult for some readers to contemplate the following global crimes and abuses but they must also be removed from our world scene and the conditions that allow them addressed before this planet will truly see peace descend upon it (in alphabetical order):

Abandoned brides/holiday wives

Acid attacks

Arranged, forced and child marriages

Bribery and corruption


Denial of basic human freedoms (freedom of assembly, religion, speech, etc.)

Forced abortion and sterilization

Child labor

Child soldiery

Child soldiers

Child trafficking

Communal violence and the caste system

Denial of education to women

Domestic violence

Dowry deaths

Enforced dress codes (burqah, etc.)

Execution of minors

Exploitation of foreign workers

Female foeticide (boy preference)

Female genital mutilation

Honor killings

Imprisonment without due process

Income inequality between men and women


Rape, sexual abuse, sexual harrassment, and sexual assault (drug rape, custodial rape, mass rape)

Sati (widow burning) and the disempowerment of widows

Sexual slavery



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  1. Lenn Delorie permalink
    September 30, 2012 1:30 pm

    Absolutely agree with you. For me any start to a peace initiative has to be grass roots and that is all about two subjects: water and the calendar.
    Dr Emoto has shown that water is conscious and that you can charge the water you drink with love or gratitude.etc. Just hold those thoughts in your mind before drinking that glass of water, and drink love, there is no difference it is all energy. When I heard that there is no crime in Sedona Arizona because of the energy level and that nobody that is dense could stand to live there it clicked in that this is a mirror of our world. When we hold our vibration high in this world there will only be love, non love can not survive.
    For a lot of the world water is the key to raising that vibration and hurricanes which cleanse the waters of the world are natures way of getting rid of hate, greed, corruption etc, and with the rain of those storms shower you with love. I don’t mean to degrade any person that has suffered through this kind of destruction, I have nothing but compassion for them and only the discernment that it was fear and non love that attracted that kind of energy.
    If we got down to the basics of the cycle water through to the human body and then in the modern world into the rivers and then into the ocean you would see that the waters of Sedona would be full of love, whereas the opposite city the crime capital of the world would be saturated with non love. A hurricane would stir up the water and that energy from Gaia would cleanse that water and then deposit on those that need it most and it is by strong emotion that people call in the storm.
    I think through people world wide charging their water with love we will bring peace to our world.


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