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Into The Dark

October 1, 2012

World peace will not come easily. Like the last throes of the ego, we will kick and scream not to look at our own pain. But this is what we must do. In order for us to inch closer to world peace and Ascension, we must look heavily into our dark side. All of the shadow work that we have done up until this point has been worthwhile, but this is October, less than three months to go. Our mission cannot be complete with old wounds still buried deep.

We have to look at where we truly are and where it is we have come from.

In this, everything that we have done will be seen. All of the garbage that has stunk up the cellar needs to be cleared out. So let’s go. Or as the Doctor would say, “Allons-y.”

Plain and simple: Our pain lies deep, in that place we hardly look. Buried under folds and folds of covers, behind doors upon doors, deep into the very essence of our being. There in that final room lies the dark. And here it is, the demon of our own creation. The blackness that is us. It is really just us, only us. What a perfect demon, a reflection of ourselves.

Now, we have a choice. We can fight it. Clash swords with this powerful creature. We can try to destroy it, resist it. Or we can try to understand it. It’s just standing there, waiting to be understood. It’s almost like that small little child that screams to be heard. Know thyself…

We have to face the fact that we hurt ourselves. Caused us an enormous amount of pain for our own evolution. We came down here in the blackness and sorrow in order to see ourselves clearer.

We hurt others. Sometimes we didn’t know why. Our vicious tongue snapped out like a whip and cut straight to the heart. We hurt others and ourselves. We didn’t know how to accept ourselves because ‘others’ didn’t accept us. All pain is self pain. All hatred is self hatred.

We didn’t know how to love ourselves because we felt that no one loved us; we felt alone. In the dark, we struggled. We beat our knuckles bloody trying to understand this world. Our tears rained down like the river Nile and the bitter pain suffocated every cell in our body. Our heart broke, ripped, teared, burned. We raised our red eyes to the sky and asked why?

And then came the light. Like a far off beacon, at first we didn’t really know what it was or that it was even there. But slowly, it drew closer and we felt its warmth. Then we discovered what it was: the Light of All that Is. We called to it, it answered. For some, even verbally; for others, a deep sense of goodness and rightness. We relaxed a little.

And then in a flash, we realized, there is light in me! The darkness we saw around us could not hide the truth of what lay at our core. The light out there is the light within me.

Suddenly we saw that this deep dark room was not the core of our being. There was one final room beyond this one. We opened the door and bright clear light streamed through its opening, This is our core. The light of All that Is. The brightest light in the universe. A million times brighter than the sun, a light warm and loving. It wrapped the soft light around us.

We relaxed, released and began to forgive.

Our pain does not have to define us anymore. Now, our love can.

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  1. Lenn Delorie permalink
    October 1, 2012 11:04 am

    Hi Alexander, it has been a process, and when we are ready more knowledge is downloaded into us through some process, and then it is our job to process it. October brings about the final rush of realization that we must dig more and more into our lives. I have found that the way to do this is by detachment and discernment. It no longer suits for me to pour through every piece of material that I hear or see on the various sites I visit. Most of us that have been wayshowers or lightworkers have seen this material before and in order to dig deeper we must use our discernment and intuition to move on to insights that can further our goal of ascension. Namaste

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