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Love A Tree Today

October 1, 2012

Image … or 3, maybe 10.  Some are getting ready to nap while others will begin to awaken.  You could tell a bedtime story to the sleepy greenery. Sing a little tune, or dance a jig for the early risers (c’mon, I dare ya!). Happiness is contagious. The trees will adore you for it.

My Friend

Feeling lost and all alone, the world seemed hard and cold like stone.

“No one gives a damn ’bout me” was all my thoughts would let me see.

A friendly hug just wasn’t there and comfort wasn’t found in prayer.

I took a walk into the wood, the cabin porch is where I stood.

Then hanging just in front of me — a bough from sacred Cedar Tree.

It seemed a friend was reaching down to help me with my selfish frown.

I took the offered hand with care and comfort filled my cup right there.

It felt so strong and true and good, I broke down sobbing where I stood.

A sense of all is calm and well, took over like a magic spell.

And, feeling like a brand new start, I thanked the Tree with all my heart.

So if I’m feeling down and blue, I know just what I have to do.

You know exactly where I’ll be — down with my friend, the Cedar Tree.

May you grow well today.

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