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Silent Peace Walk Around Central Park, NY, Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012

October 1, 2012

A walk around Central Park, in silence, to ponder peace.  What a wonderful idea.  Thanks to Habiba.

Silent Peace Walk Around Central Park, NY


Please join us at 2:30 pm for an opening event with the walk leaders at the NY Academy of Medicine (1216 5th Avenue @ 103rd).

“There is so much joy we give to each other simply by sharing our lives.  A silent walk together, with all our dreams and hopes for peace upright in our hearts, is the most beautiful expression of sincere, spirit led, activism.  Though the road is long and full of obstacles, we know Friendship is the prize of peace.  What else is as worthy to win?  We will be friends, and walk this path together; nothing must stop us.” Alice Walker

The first large US silent Peace Walk is being planned for Sunday, October 7, 2012 in New York City’s Central Park. Following an opening gathering at 2:30pm, the walk will circumnavigate continuously Central Park allowing participants to join along the way. The walk is intended to be slow, beautiful and dignified, without flags or signage, an expression of the goodwill and friendliness of people who live together. It empowers us all to be peacemakers.

Instead of shouting in the name of peace, peace will be embodied by our quiet presence. ‘There is no way to peace, peace is the way’.

With over 8 million people living in New York City, it is one of the most densely populated and ethnically and religiously diverse cities in the world. Home to over 100 ethnic groups, including several million Muslims and Jews, the walk is intended to demonstrate that people of all faiths and origins can live peacefully side by side.

The peace we long for in the Middle East and Worldwide is actually possible. We call for the urgent cessation of violence in the Middle East and a serious and committed movement towards a sustainable and peaceful coexistence.

The walk will be led by Jack Kornfield, one of the leading Buddhist teachers in America, Dr. Stephen Fulder, founder of Middleway, an Israeli-Palestinian group applying mindfulness and spiritual insights to peacemaking, Rabbi Ingber, the Founder and Spiritual Director of Romemu, Daisy Khan, Bernie Glassman, Sheikha Fariha and many others.

Large silent peace walks have become famous in Israel and Palestine, for 10 years and Dr. Fulder has been a central teacher and visionary for these walks.


Dear Friends, and Daniella, please note.

At the same time we will have the peace walk here in NY, an additional peace walk was supposed to take place in BethLehem.
Stephen Fulder, a peace-maker, and the funder of Insight Meditation Israel, has just notified us with some sadness, that the Bethlehem Walk cannot go ahead. Instead there are plans to hold some kind of activity of Palestinians in Bethlehem and a simultaneous activity of the Israelis in Israel. It is a sober reminder to us all of the realities on the ground and what we are facing. There is so much pain and out of that some Palestinians are expressing rage at Israelis who come to Bethlehem and walk with Palestinians. It is neither respectful nor safe to go there under these conditions. Please see the article in the Jerusalem Post below. Our NY walk is so important – also because it it possible, and may help to spread the message where walking together cannot happen.

Our walk here in NY will take place as planned. Please come. It is possible and necessary to do it here.
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  1. Maggie Lintereur permalink
    October 5, 2012 8:22 am

    How wonderful to gather in peaceful connecting with no signs and banners to divide:)

  2. October 6, 2012 9:22 am

    I wrote this in March:
    Silence as a Tactic. Listen to Our Silence Roar

    Sometimes I feel, as if we are collectively banging our heads against the Police State Wall, so in honor of the Diversity of Tactics that Occupy has adopted I would like to explore The Power Silence. For those that have experienced a moment of staring an aggressor down, I ask you to remember that moment.

    We’ve all seen the lines of Police formations standing in Disciplined Silence during Occupiers protest. This in itself is an intimidation tactic and a very Militant one, that focuses the powers of concentration and unity of purpose within the police battalions. This is Hive mind mentality in full force. It is also a very primal tactic, similar to a group predators stalking it’s prey. For Months now the Occupy movement has let our collective voices reverberate around the world airing our frustrations, letting out our collective primal screams in so many wonderfully creative ways. The release of pent up, long held back energy has been cathartic for this world, thankfully changing the dialogue and trajectory of this Planet.

    Police use silence as a group cohesive intimidation tactic. If you have protested I’m sure you have felt it. Do you remember how if made you feel? Maybe it sent a shiver through you. Now,take a moment to Imagine mirroring that power of collective unity in hive mind silent formations back at the police. Visualize this.

    The Police use Silent Formations to send ripples of fear through protesters and to stir the agitation, causing the energy of conflict to build, in turn feeding their own and that of the protestors internal aggressions, (and In police minds, justifying arrests), which is the fuel for their reactions of brutality. Why feed the machine and give it the only scenario it knows how to deal with? Why fall prey to this manipulation? Why not turn their own weapon against them?

    In essence, a silent standoff becomes the epic challenge of accepting the hand of Peace. In doing so the power of intimidation has been taken out of Police hands, in effect disabling a psychological weapon and placing the power of justified defiant authority back into the hands of the protesters. In offering Silence, it Gives the Police the Choice of Stand down or show the world their Cowardice.
    So I ask the Global Occupy Movement Family, to consider this Unified Silence Tactic as a passive aggressive psyops technique. It’s so simple it’s basically The Occams Razor of Tibetan Bells.

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