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Unconditional Love Will Bring Peace to Our World

October 2, 2012

As we take up the task of bringing peace to our world, what we discover is that the tools we thought we would need may not be the ones we do need. And the tools that have always been with us, but which we haven’t used, may be the ones we do need.

Of these tools, love is supreme, according to our sources. Hilarion tells us that “simply put, love is the answer to every challenge that you face.”

“It is the bottom line in every situation you are challenged with in your daily lives. This always requires a conscious choice on your part, for choosing love is an empowering action and intention that has a wide reach in its effect.

“To love another when they hurt you is empowering not only for the one who chooses love, but to everyone around them and this radiates out into the collective consciousness field to heal and bless all Humanity.” (1)

Just yesterday (Oct. 1, 2012), SaLuSa reminded us that “love is the most powerful energy of all.” (2) Saul also reveals that “love is the very powerful energy that enables life. It is the eternal creative force that imbues all living entities and provides the power for growth and evolution. It is the power that you used to build the illusion, and it is the Light that is showing you how to release yourselves from it.” (3)

He adds that “love is your true nature, but how you use it is a choice that you make in every moment.” (4)  So far in duality, Saul says, we’ve used love to get what we want and that has debased our abilities to use love to solve the world’s current problems and has led to more problems.

“In the illusion [love] has mostly been used for personal empowerment because you see yourselves as individuals in an unsafe and threatening environment, and this has led to conflict, fear, intense hate, and almost constant suffering. Personal egoic agendas are your attempts to escape from that fear, and on the whole they have proved themselves to be disastrous, often leading to catastrophic consequences.” (5)

Fear, Saul reminds us, “is the absence of Love: it is a shutting down of the awareness that all are one, all are connected and interdependent. Using Its power for self-oriented agendas is like severely restricting the conduit through which It flows – a kink in the hosepipe – until, when people shut themselves completely off from others, there is no flow at all and intense fear invades them.” (6)

We’re at last realizing this divine calculus, he says.

“Finally the truth of that is penetrating your conscious minds, and you are trying to solve your problems through negotiation instead of through confrontation. Doing so reduces the sense of fear that has been endemic, and encourages cooperation for the benefit of all involved. When you use the power of Love in this way the possibilities are limitless, bringing peace, harmony, and wonder to everything you do.” (7)

When people shut each other out and stop loving each other, societies become stagnant and toxic, he says.

“As an analogy: when the flow of water into a pond is cut off, the pond becomes stagnant and toxic and cannot support life; and when people shut one another out in mistrust and fear, they become like small islands attached to the flow of life by kinked or knotted pipes. Then the essential flow of life becomes toxic because it is no longer being constantly renewed, and misery and suffering ensue.” (9)

Only slightly better is a false kind of love that attempts to control others, the Arcturian Group says:

“This false sense of love still pervades many of your relationships whether of family, marriage, or friendship. It manifests as an individual’s need for others to be, say, or do, exactly as the individual believes they should in order to be loveable or to satisfy some imagined and very skewed concept of love. This false sense of love simply serves to push people away, for all souls feel the need to be free, to be loved and validated for who they are.” (10)

In recent history, the Company of Heaven has assisted us to restore the flow of love in our world, he states.

“In the last few decades it is as though numerous maintenance teams have been dispatched to undo the kinks in the pipes and, where necessary, replace those that are beyond repair. The result is that the life force is flowing more freely and abundantly than it has for eons, and, depending on which analogy you prefer, the water or the air has once more become clear, sweet, fresh, and invigorating. And under those conditions your awakening is guaranteed and inevitable.” (11)

This is our best guarantee that world peace will come.

As lightholders, it’s our job to embrace the love being sent to this planet and send it out everywhere it’s needed, Saul tells us.

“As Light-holders you have the knowledge, the understanding, and, yes, the wisdom to open your hearts to embrace the field of divine Love encircling the planet, and to intensify its effects by engaging in every situation in which you find yourselves with acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and love. You chose to be on Earth at this time for just this purpose, and you are being given every assistance from the spiritual realms to ensure that you make a resounding success of it.” (12)

We’re told to encourage human unity by loving all unconditionally. But what is unconditional love? The Arcturian Group explains:

“What is unconditional love? It is not the dreamy romantic view that television shows, movies, magazines would have you believe. Nor does unconditional love mean being anyone’s door mat. Unconditional Love is an attained state of consciousness that sees through appearances to the truth. Unconditional love manifests through an innate recognition of mankind’s spiritual nature in spite of whatever human frailties they may be manifesting.

“Unconditional love is a consciousness that sees humor in the world, and is not governed by strict and rigid rules declaring that an individual must live only in accord with a particular set of concepts in order to be loveable. Unconditional Love is the ability to say what needs to be said, which may on occasion have to be firm or even seemingly harsh, while within remembering that the individual or individuals are spiritual beings. This way, the words carry and energy of love and do not reflect the negative.

“Unconditional love is the ever present realization of ones own self as divine being in spite of personal failings. It is a recognition of the ONE manifest as the many. It is an ability to see loving humor those situations humans often find themselves in, and also in those who may seem different or “odd” by current human standards. It is an appreciation for differences among people and an understanding of their point of view without entering into their particular energy field. Unconditional love is also the recognition that since there is only One Life, it is the life of all living things, and not just human beings.” (13)

Sometimes it takes a world disaster for us to break through to the experience of unconditional love, the Arcturian Group says.

“This understanding is a facet of your awakening process, dear ones, you are quickly moving into a deeper and more true awareness of unconditional love but it often takes a so called disaster to force some individuals to actually look into another’s eyes and recognize that in spite of social, economic, or racial differences, all are spiritual beings having a human experience.” (14)

The presence of love makes the world go round and its absence underlies all the conflict in the world, SaLuSa cautions us.

“You have an expression that “it is love that makes the world go around” and you do not realize how true it is.

“Indeed it is the lack of love that has torn your Earth apart and made you feel detached from your godself. Love energy is the most powerful one of all, and could change your circumstances in a flash if you were all able to come together in this way. Many of you have experienced what love can do, particularly where it is used to heal. It can transmute the lower vibrations, and that is why you are often asked to send love to those who are of the dark Cabal.” (15)

He advises us that unconditionally loving everyone is our best strategy to bringing about world peace.

“Work towards a level where you can be one who can express yourself in Unconditional Love. It is not easy when you have so many distractions around you, yet it is a state of being that is possible.

“See all as part of yourself because you are all connected, and what one does affects every other soul. It means being non-judgmental and perhaps for Humans that is the hardest bit. You are used to expressing your opinions about everything, and sometimes it is done without knowing the full facts. Just move in the energy of love all of the time, and make allowances for others who are still playing the game of duality.” (16)

Unconditional love will lead to seeing all as expressions of the One Divinity, the Arcturian Group tell us.

“We are not saying that unconditional love means becoming best friends with everyone you meet, but we are saying that like it or not, the new energy is one of unconditional love and if you choose ascension for your path, you must begin to accept that in spite of appearances, all living things are in and of the One Divine Source for It is all there is.” (17)

Unconditional love will underpin the freedom of all, the restoration of which is the goal of peace, the Arcturian Group tell us.

“Unconditional love is a love without strings and allows freedom of expression to all. To hold another in bondage to one’s concepts, needs, desires or expectations is not love. This is the lesson of detachment; the realization that all are already whole, complete, and perfect and that nothing or no one outside of yourself can change that.

“You are learning the true meaning of love, which is the connecting energy between all facets and expressions of one omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent divine consciousness.” (18)

So unconditional love is the answer to ending conflict on this planet and restoring peace – the magic weapon, the missing piece, the healing potion. Fear is what brings conflict on and perpetuates it. We are more and more experiencing the ability to feel unconditional love in the face of the energies that are bombarding the planet, and its arrival is the best guarantee that peace will also come.


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