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Quantum Jumping – A Personal Experience

October 3, 2012

ImageAbout 5 months ago I was chatting with a friend about liquid crystal.  At that time my mind’s eye couldn’t form a picture of such a thing.  Three months later, there I am at the core of Gaia in liquid crystal prism form.  Steve posted a fascinating message at the 2012 Scenario from Andrew Kemp who called this Phase Change.

It talks about the alchemy of ice (liquid), heat and gas in a container.  What really made my bells ring about this is the fact that 5 years ago I created a cut and paste book.  None of it made sense to me but it seemed prophetic for my journey in some way.  The last thing I put in the book was an image of a shooting star over a lake with the caption “Sometimes it takes a drop of water to spark a flame.”  This sentence has been resounding in my head for the last few months.  Now I understand what it means.

I’d like to share my quantum jump experience, just because it’s awesome and it might be useful for others.  It would be beneficial if you read Andrew’s information first so you can recognize the parallel.

I went to school for graphic design three years ago.  This was a five-month fast track course and I was not very computer savvy, as my experience was pushing the Windows button and asking myself  “How does this work?”.  I had to drop the Web design part of the course half way through because it was just too fast and those long codes were like fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

The head of the department told me I wouldn’t make it in the world of graphic design if I didn’t have my foot in the door of Web design.  I asked myself often why I chose this course, and just knew there had to be a reason.  Long story short, I did get a job but had to quit after a year.  It was more administration than graphic design and I was losing my skills. I also needed to tend to my health at this point.

During the spring of this year (Aries/fire), I was so frustrated that I wasn’t able to create in the fashion that I wanted.  I was blocked (Saturn) in every way that I wanted to move forward.  I began a deep, slow burn of anger.  I could also feel the creativity in me building to a point of bursting.  Then one day, as I was feeling in awe of God’s creation, I concluded that s/he is definitely the cream of the crop in graphic design. And then on another day, as I was in awe of my Mac – the technical and graphic design programs particularly – it hit me that my brain was more powerful, talented and capable than my beloved Mac.

And if God was in me, and I am God, well the whole concept of ‘you create your own reality’ just exploded in my gray matter.  And then it showered upon me that for the last 2 years, while Saturn was S-L-O-W-L-Y gliding through my 8th house of Scorpio, along with Neptune (Divine) and Uranus (codes) doing their thing, I had been learning the World Wide Web divine design code of Astrology. The blueprint of our soul.  Hey!!  My foot was in the door!

I then remembered a dream I had while I was at school.  I was inside the Photoshop program and I needed to get over to Illustrator but I couldn’t find the button.  Photoshop uses pixels – if you expand them they just become blurry and distorted.  Illustrator uses vectors – no limit to the expansion, no distortion.  After remembering this, I then discovered how fractals work and investigated the theory of our holographic universe.  I had found the button I was looking for.

I have heightened senses to the point that I felt the conception of my son.  Something ‘popped’ inside and my entire being changed in a wave.  I can feel the subtle changes when I am being activated these days.  I have spent 2 years remembering astrology (I know I am a Master Astrologer) and it has been a slow process recalling what I have forgotten.

I’m Scorpio – a fixed (container) water sign, known for intensity.  We share Mars as our ruler with Aries (fire).  Our other ruling planet is Pluto, apparently covered in ice.  Neptune is gas, Uranus is electricity and Jupiter is expansion.  Neptune is the planet of Divinity.  Saturn rules limitation (a form of containing/pressure).  Mercury was doing his magic through the channelled messages I was reading. We all know what the Sun is doing to us along with the lovely Venus Transit opening our high heart.

As I followed along with my activations, I realized that every one of them was playing out in my natal chart and current planetary transits.  My chart came alive – it turned into a Living Wheel, which is mentioned in the bible.  I put my chart together with my Twin Flame’s (in Heaven) and WOW!!  Peanut butter and chocolate!  His is still working in tandem with mine, particularly since we recently re-united.

I’m starting to know things that I have never studied just by taking in the word of the thing.  I have been one of the peeps working the grid (web), changing the codes.  I took graphic design to the higher fractal – Divine Design!  We are all Divine Designers creating our future with our creative imaginings.  I have always been able to astral travel with ease and I have had a particular journey spot for years.  When I went there a few weeks ago someone ‘folded’ it up and said I didn’t need it anymore.  This is where I have met my Galactic family over the years, and they always came to me.

Well last week, feeling frustrated with waiting to meet my galactic family in a place other than astral, I wondered what I was waiting for.  If they can’t come down here yet, why don’t I just go up there?  So up I went (I’m assuming this is called bilocating – a more solid kind of feeling is the only way I can describe it).

I don’t think they were expecting me in that form just yet because they seemed a little taken back.  They just stopped what they were doing and watched me.  They wouldn’t communicate back to me (I think they just didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to freak me out!).  Since this experience I can only describe it as a feeling of piercing the veil.  The visual image I get is a baby’s head crowning just before birth.

I have to say, even though it’s been an amazing expansion, I’m looking forward to Jupiter going retrograde this week and the pressure valve loosening from Saturn.  I feel like a very thin rubber band right now.  Now I get to spend a few months practicing and strengthening my new abilities before the next leap.  My entire inner being has been reworked and I can hardly wait to see that manifest in the physical.  Onward and upward!!

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