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Dreamweaver Breaks on Through to the Other Side

October 4, 2012

I was blessed by Grace yesterday in a multitude of ways that is difficult to put into words. Synchronicity at play. Destiny. I was gifted with an energy reading by Lisa Gawlas who is one very talented, loving and joyful lady. She shares her readings with us in a fashion that beautifully tells where the individual/collective consciousness is in the present and where we are heading. She calls our New Earth Shambhala.

This interaction just follows and enhances the post I wrote yesterday titled Quantum Jumping – A Personal Experience. I know our meeting was Destiny, because – well, you just know these things – but also in my astrology chart yesterday I had Venus (female – Lisa) sitting on my Vertex (an electric portal of Destiny) in my 7th house (friends) OPPOSITE Neptune (Dreamweaver – Me). Mercury (messenger) was ‘holding hands’ with my M/C (work/job) in my 9th house (Jupiter – expansion/big picture/publishing).

I requested this reading because I have the sense I am at a MAJOR point of my evolution – I am standing at a doorway that I have been climbing up to all my life and I just wanted to make sure all was in order. An important completion and a new beginning. It felt like I have been running a marathon from the moment I was born and Lisa was my last checkpoint before I cross the finish line.

If you recall, yesterday I was talking about graphic/Divine design and a dream I had: “I then remembered a dream while I was at school. I was inside the Photoshop program and I needed to get over to Illustrator but I couldn’t find the button. Photoshop uses pixels – if you expand them they just become blurry and distorted. Illustrator uses vectors – no limit to the expansion, no distortion.” With vectors, there is no limitation – you can stretch the image to infinity.

What clicked after I posted this was (in reference to my teacher telling me I wouldn’t make it in the graphic design world if I didn’t know web design), the name of the web design program is called DREAMWEAVER!!! Hilarious! I have been wearing many hats during this mission, and one of them is designing the New World (just like everyone else!).

I also talked about how I took astral travel to the higher fractal recently by bi-locating for my first time. This experience left me feeling like I had pierced the veil. I got an image of a baby’s head crowning before birth. I also referred to alchemy. What I find so amusing is Lisa’s reference to Jack and the Beanstalk – I have spread millions of sunflower seeds over the years during my hikes and as I did this I was imagining them as magic beans.

Well folks, I humbly and excitedly offer you a glimpse into the Song of My Being and my part of the New Creation for all of us (apparently I took great advantage of vectors!). Please go to Lisa’s page to read the entire post as it has very wise information for all of us right now and it pumped up my own excitement and anticipation level to extraordinaire!

……… But let me share the song of the lady who was next after my rainbow guy.

Everything unfolded on the ground level for her. She was in two places at the same time, on the acceleration point about 3 feet from the top and in a large groove on the ground level (something I had not seen before yesterday.) If you can image you are walking forward and come to this place on the ground we would call a big hole… but the hole itself was filled with this liquid gold. I call this area a groove instead of a hole because it felt like this groove happened because of the weight of the gold liquid on the energy line forward. It formed a depression in the line… purposely so!!

The Alchemist Awakens:

I was watching her stand in this large (up to her belly) groove of liquid gold, she was playing and splashing about like a child. Happy! It took me a bit to understand what this meant to her (and really, to all of us,) but we got it. She had been working her tail off to help earth move energetically to this space… and hurray… here we are!! Here she is!! All that she created as a high vibrational field of reality is now in liquid form, so she can use it to create her next reality.

I know in alchemy we think of changing one metal into another, in this case, it is reforming the mastery within to become something else. From what I understand now, this is for you to use for YOU!! For your personal story and life made of gold. The earth and sun are here and perfect. Now to create the fullness of your personal life as your heart desires.

Think of it this way, if we are constantly building a playground… when do we get to stop and play in its perfection? Ummmmmm….. NOW!!!!!!!!! Let me assure you the playground is perfect and ready. It is now awaiting the children of light to come play and create with all the magic and love of Self and each other!!

I could feel the relief in this precious lady’s heart to know she is Here in this sacred place of creation that WE built together. And she uttered something that the universe made sure in detail, was no longer a worry for her… for all of us really. She said something like she was worried she wasn’t ready yet, hasn’t fully done all the inner work… and in that, I could hear/feel tired (I think so many of us can relate to that) and suddenly… the winds of change started howling and blowing.

I could see the energy of the wind as if we suddenly entered the most intense hurricane with the winds going perfectly horizontal… and it picked her up from her place on the acceleration point and blew her to the other side. I dropped to my energetic knees when we got the first (and so far, only) view of what was on the other side of this creation point.

It was tall amazingly green grass slowly swaying back and forth. The green and the grass was soooooo alive. Flowers… and I know these flowers… everywhere, tall and radiant and filled with the texture of Shambhala. What was so striking to me was the hugeness of this scenery. Like everything was magnified 100 times bigger than they usually are… yet… this was the natural landscape we are moving into. I really felt like I have arrived in the Jack and the Beanstalk story where everything was designed for giants. WE being the giants!!


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