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More Than a Few Words on Peace

October 4, 2012

Peace is sometimes defined as being absent from certain things, like being absent from war, violence, hostility and fear. I prefer not to see peace as being absent from the above, but as being present. Peace is the presence of love, light and truth. Peace exists it always has and always will. Peace is universal and beyond. Peace is part of nature and goes from the grassroots to the cosmos.

Peace is the great I Am, the divine consciousness, the peace that surpasses all understanding of the Christ mind. Mankind has lost its sacred connection to nature and to the higher mind. Thus, it has fallen to the lower mind, losing its connection to peace and in so doing, to the presence of love, light and truth. I believe that the call to the higher mind, the illuminated mind of consciousness, is the core to every religion and in so doing mankind is one with all that is conscious.

When walking out in nature, have you ever witnessed the incredible peace when the birds are singing, when the wind is gently whispering and dancing with the trees, when the ocean waves are crashing onto the shore or when one is looking into the enchantment of the stars?  All this wonderful peace flowing through the air that we are so in awe of, even as we have been so far removed from it. To a lot of people, it seems totally foreign.

Actually, Pacal Votan, the great Mayan King who is said to have come from the stars with his superior knowledge in astronomy, mathematics and science, was actually the great mind behind the Mayan timekeeping. In his prophecy, he left a great message for mankind of today.

Proclaiming,”If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From Biospheric Destruction It Must Return To Living in Natural Time,” he spoke of of our accelerated technological society, and the resulting damage of our collective divergence from Natural Law in exchange for materialist values.

He also spoke of the time of this great shift we are in and the challenge it would be for mankind to connect back with nature as he had fallen out of sync with it. But far from being anything of gloom and doom, he spoke of mankind’s great shift back to a higher consciousness and back to his inner technology.

However, the challenge will be when the majority of humanity wakes up to realize that this great shift is not part of the illusionary world that they have been living in and it is in fact, nature and the universe.

I find it amazing that creating the measurement of time that we did put us out of sync with nature by putting us on a different frequency.  Thus, we lost our connection to nature, falling to the lower mind. By becoming entrapped there, we lost our flow and connection to peace. Dark forces have used our lack of peace to keep us prisoner to the lower mind and thus their slaves.

In fact, time as we created has been our enemy in many ways. But I think for once we can say that time is on our side now as it has brought us to the end of time as we know it.

In the Bible, we read of how the disciples asked Jesus where they should prepare for the passover and he told them to look for the man carrying the water jar and he would lead them to the house where they should go prepare in the upper room. Going to prepare in the upper room is a reference to the upper or higher mind, while the man carrying the water jar is a reference to Aquarius and the age of Aquarius that we are now shifting into. He is the son of man who will pour his heavenly waters over mankind at this time. Mankind needs to look within, for the kingdom of God is within each of us.

Mankind needs to connect with inner peace, which will reestablish our connection to nature and cause us to seek enlightenment. I believe this will fast-track our  rise in frequency and vibration. Peace must first be experienced within before it can be experienced in the outer world. People don’t have peace of mind because they are living in the lower mind. We only use about 10% of our minds, so it is clear we are in the wrong mind. We need to go to the higher mind, the right side of our brain and not the left.

There is another story in the Bible where Jesus is standing on the beach after the resurrection. His disciples had been fishing all night, but had caught nothing. He called out to them to ask if they had any fish and they, not knowing it was him, replied they had none. He told them to cast their net on the right side of the boat and when they did, their catch was so huge, they could hardly pull up the net. This is a great story that explains how we need to cast our nets to the right side of our brain and move from the lower to the higher mind. If you practise this in your meditations, you will be amazed at how this will start to become your reality and you will experience the most amazing change in your life.

Isn’t it great to know we have all these divine energies bathing us right now with much more to come, lifting us up in ascension to full consciousness? We will be entering the age of peace amongst so many other delights. Many who are now experiencing the upliftment are the transmitters of peace; they are experiencing peace flow through them. They are experiencing the shift to the blessed peacemakers by letting peace take them for the ride of their lives.

David Wilcock once explained how in Russia they built a prison using rocks taken from a pyramid that had been built on a ley line. What happened was quite amazing as they found the prisoners were rehabilitated through the energies being transmitted by the rocks. Even the most violent prisoners were experiencing great calm and peace. We, too, like the rocks, can have the same effect on our world as we continue to experience the higher energies and transmit peace. I believe this is being accelerated with each new day. It is right to say that the lumberjack’s axe is getting heavier each day and very soon he will no longer be able to lift it to the tree and will lay it down and this translates across the board.

I have come to the conclusion in writing this article that peace is far bigger than I ever imagined. What an honor it is to be part of transmitting the presence of peace (love, light and truth), and what an honor it is to connect with all the peacemakers around the world in ushering in this reality.




Love in the highest to all mankind. We are literally reaching for the stars and the stars are reaching to us.

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  1. October 4, 2012 6:23 pm

    when you mentioned peace from nature I had to comment. I take a 1 hour walk twice a day thru what I call my trail of paradise. I am in a state of bliss and a very hi state of consciousness. I wish everyone could see the beauty I do. the sky in denver is so amazing, the mountains, the white clouds, the blue sky. the sky in the midwest where I am from is nothing like in denver. also, the birds, ducks on a pond, animals on a farm, flowers, colors of the bushes and trees. beautiful hawks sometimes circle just above my head. just thinking of it puts me in bliss.

  2. jim permalink
    October 6, 2012 1:18 pm

    the peace film –

    • October 6, 2012 2:00 pm

      Hi Jim
      That was awesome. Thanks so much for that.
      We are nature

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