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Silent Peace Walk – Hamilton, New Zealand – Sunday October 7th, 2012

October 5, 2012

Here is another Gathering of Lightworkers coming together in silence, for Peace.  Thanks to Bronwyn.  As it mentioned in the article, please send in your info to  and it can be posted to the site.  

Peace Walk 2:30pm Sunday 7 October 2012: be a “Walk Leader”

I encourage EVERYONE GLOBALLY to grab a few friends on Sunday at 2:30pm and head down to a local public walk-way or place of beauty where you too may conduct your own community’s Silent Peace Walk. Please get this information out on on every network you can…

A Global Silent Peace Walk would really be a signal to the rulers of this world how the People of Earth are NOW Walking in Unity… They no longer have any Power of Will over us.

I have just Registered my Hamilton, NZ event at:

Maybe you could do the same and let NY Peace Walk know that they have global support. There may be a way for them to also advertise these various events that are happening globally… keep checking their site : ) I’ve only just sent a message to them today, but will update on this blog if/ when I receive a response from them. Just click on “Register Here” and give them your details.

… And of course, let me know too… And I can also advertise your event here. It will be great to hear from you : )

Your community event matters !!!

Send a clear resonant message to ‘the powers that were’…

“You will not mess with us any longer !!! ”

Please let the folks of “Achieving World Peace Now!” know about the event you’re organising and going to be a “Walk Leader” for. Please add your details, your event location and time (2:30pm ??) and any other instructions, eg: where to park, meeting point, ‘wear something white’, drumming/ music jam afterwards, and so on… Send to:

They will add your event to their site to let people in your community and all over the World know what’s happening. Take some photos of your event and send these also.  I’m sure they will want to create an album on their site of how a little initiative grew and blessed the World.

Also: Contact your local media and advise them of your event on Sunday, so the general public will continue to Awaken after the event.

We still have around 48 hours to get our friends rallied around… plenty of time !! ; ) Let’s make this happen !!

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