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Finding That Which Is Not Passing – Mooji

October 7, 2012

Everything is passing. The wind, the leaves, the money, emotions, our thoughts and feelings. All of these things are passing through our fingers and in our Ascension we cannot hold onto them, we must let them go. There is fear attached to this, a fear of loss. But it is not to our benefit for us to fear what may be lost because even what we seem to think of as something that we can lose is imaginary. Our feelings are not who we are. But the fear of loss is not the fear of losing the body but more deeply it is of losing consciousness. ‘The end of our being.’ This is impossible.

We exist and what exists can never ‘un’-exist. It can never pass into non-existence. This is a law of creation. WE will never pass out of existence but much of what we know will.

“Feelings” are Just “Visitors” – Don’t Identify ~ Mooji

“There is a heart that is always there; neither open nor closed.”

“Consciousness has no shape; its nature is to flow. Whatever you put it into it will take the shape.”

“Take the attitude: I don’t mind. Not I don’t care, but don’t mind. You do not have to be a traffic police of thoughts. Everything can go.”

Losing Interest In Social Interaction – Mooji


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