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Archangel Michael Acknowledges that APNW is His Creation

October 8, 2012

Today on An Hour with an Angel, Archangel Michael acknowledged that it was he who inspired the creation of Achieving World Peace Now! He discussed what he wanted the blogsite to accomplish and invited the community that has formed around it to create a video on creating world peace.

He said that he would dictate a Declaration of World Peace that could form the basis of the video, if its producers and creators so wished. I’ll be posting a second declaration which he authored prior to World Freedom Day in 2011.

I post here a synopsis of the show taken from the pre-record. The actual interview will air tonight at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time and can be heard here:

So — no pressure on the World Peace Now community, but if you wish to take up the opportunity offered you by an archangel, here it is!

What an incredible “chat” with Archangel Michael today. Let me give my recollections of it. I may be a wee bit off in some details, but the transcript will soon be here and reflect what he absolutely, actually said. This is just meant to tide us over.

He revealed that the accurate count of YouTube views of I Know My Galactic Family is Here is over 700,000, but YouTube, suppressing the count, has it at just below 150,000. He said that the video IS Disclosure and not to discount our efforts or reach as individuals.

He acknowledged that one person at Yahoo! is behind the failures of the Daily Digest to be sent to Yahoo! readers. He said that that person from time to time causes the snafu.

He acknowledged that Yahoo! places obstacles in the path of anyone who creates a controversial discussion group, whether on world war or world peace, and that that’s what happened to me when I tried to create the group “World Peace Now.” (I got around the difficulty by calling the group “Strawberry Jam Now” and then later changing its name.)

He acknowledged that he was the inspiration behind the creation of Achieving World Peace Now! blogsite and that it was the next place to go. He asked that the next video produced be on world peace, created by the team that puts out the AWPN blog.

I used the occasion to state publicly that Archangel Michael was the writer of The Declaration of Human Freedom (1) and he agreed that he was. I asked him to write a Declaration of World Peace through me and he said he would.

He said that things are going to happen a great deal more rapidly in the near future.

I asked him if the return of the masters does not refer to sages such as Jesus, Buddha and Lao Tzu, but, as I’ve been suspecting more and more lately, refers to us. He commented: “The return of the masters is you.”

I believe that we’ll soon see the kickoff of a round of early Ascensions — waves, steps, or stages AAM has called them in the past — and that the lightworkers who’ll be involved will return as ascended masters. AAM confirmed that this was so. He has on other occasions called them “gatekeepers,” whose function is to speed people through the gateway.

I believe, and this is simply speculation on my part, that this same kickoff will see the announcement of NESARA and may even play a role in Disclosure. If it doesn’t, then I believe that President Obama will announce Disclosure prior to the election. Although Obama is way out in front according to AAM, the announcement of Disclosure would definitely see the people get behind him en masse (as Ronald Reagan predicted to the United Nations).

He confirmed that NESARA will in part be an adding of zeroes to our bank accounts. I quipped with him that I should then ensure that my bank account began with a nine rather than a one and he answered, “Why?” I can just ask for additional zeroes if I need them.

He confirmed that Mitt Romney and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are in containment. But he also said that there were various levels of containment that allowed the individual more or less freedom of action. He likened them to an anklet bracelet, minimum-security imprisonment, maximum security and “death row.” (OK, he doesn’t actually mean death row! Don’t flood me with email on the subject, please!). So some world leaders will show more resistance than others, but all are now in containment to the appropriate degree.

He said, in answer to Geoff’s question, that Benjamin Netanyahu was being given a last chance to get on board with world peace after which his career would peter out if he did not take it.

To the reader who wanted to know about Gary McKinnon, AAM said he would remain safe as would Julian Assange. Bill Brockbreader is in seclusion, in a hiatus, resting up, for the next round. No, it isn’t in Inner Earth.

Geoff asked him about Mehran Keshe and he responded that his technology was already in production, not necessarily by Mr. Keshe, but in other places and could be distributed in short order. He chastised me for thinking in 3D terms that it had to be designed, pass testing, produced, etc. It doesn’t have to be any more, he said.

I didn’t have the chance to ask him about the exact nature of Ascension in terms of human enlightenment experiences. He did, however, explain the statement that “everyone will ascend.” Like many questions, he explained it before I asked it. Everyone, whether they go to the Fifth or continue in the Third, will experience a movement forward from where they are now. In this sense, they will “ascend” or go forward from their present evolutionary status.

The final act in the drama was a complete review from AAM of what we had accomplished in the outer world and the inner world in the years leading up to Ascension. Only he could have given such a round-up or coup d’œil (bird’s eye view). It was superb.

Linda came on before the interview and gave us a completely new definition for “hope,” which answered many dilemmas people may feel around hope — that if we ask the universe for what we hope for, we’ll get hope rather than what we asked for. Again,this was an example of AAM anticipating what I was going to ask him in the program. Linda doesn’t see or know our questions before the show.

At the conclusion of the show, Linda again gave her interpretation of coming events and poked into corners that we wouldn’t necessarily think or know about. After the show, she said that she must have the best job in the world — channeling archangels and angels. And I replied that I guess that made my job and Geoff’s the second best.


(1) Archangel Michael: The Declaration of Human Freedom, at

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