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Encounters of a 5D Kind

October 8, 2012

It’s a wonder I’ve escaped this kind of encounter before. I share the theory that one’s automobile is an outward manifestation of ego once removed. The better to honk, swear, gesture, etc., and generally behave in ways not dreamed of in a mano-a-mano setting.

Once my friend Terri had another car up her rear end for five exasperating country miles. Finally, turning left at the intersection, the driver hit the accelerator and squealed past. A mile down the highway, she came upon this same car…disabled on the shoulder. The back tire had flown off. It would take the likes of Mother Teresa not to feel at least a tinge of schadenfreude at that. An extremely compassionate person, even Terri said, “I didn’t mean for it to go that far.”

Years back, I remember having a campfire discussion at Jewel Heart summer retreat outside Ann Arbor, Gelek Rinpoche’s outfit. A few of us were jokingly lamenting the fact that if we didn’t drive, we’d have a lot less karma. To which the subway-taking New Yorkers amongst us stared blankly. Well, I’m sure they had other ways of accruing karma.

But the good news is that we are presently in the midst of a past-life karma amnesty program. Divine dispensation. “…Your karma slate has been wiped clean.” (1) But still.

I’ll know I’m firmly in 5D Unity Consciousness when I can drive without being irritated by the car at the four-way stop going out of turn. Or by the car that jack-rabbits out in front of me and then slows down, forcing me to brake…when there is no one behind me. Or more egregiously, when I have the green light and another car turns right on red into my lane. What about the car in the passing lane that toodles along at a leisurely pace while tailgating traffic dangerously piles up behind it — cars wanting to use the passing lane for the purpose for which it was intended? See, still a big charge for me.

(The anti-gravity car can’t be developed soon enough for me.) (2)

Notice, I remind myself, heavy use of the word “car,” as if the object of my ire were an inanimate thing, a guided weapon, a drone. When really, inside that metal container is a person, a sentient being. The car is like the human body, the theory goes: a vehicle — something that will eventually break-down for good and need to be replaced. But the person inside is the soul of the vehicle, not the vehicle or body itself…eternal spirit.

A Course in Miracles asserts that the ego conjured up the body precisely to enforce the illusion of separation. (3) Recently, Saul as channeled by John Smallman says, “ While you are experiencing physical existence within the illusion, your bodies keep drawing your attention to your separateness; it is their purpose.” (4) An automobile takes it even further, perhaps because it seems more indestructible and anonymous than the body.

So…my encounter. If I’d spent two less minutes reading that magazine at checkout, I would’ve been ahead of the white VDOT truck that turned onto the curvy, winding country road that leads to my house. Orange lights blinked around a large sign atop that read “Wet Paint.”  That was not the case, however. This was just a lone VDOT worker tediously placing one orange cone on the shoulder every mile. It was slow going, and I had to go.

The first of two cars in front of me made the break and went around the truck. I looked for my chance to do the same every time we stopped, but it was always on a blind curve. Finally, the truck stopped on a straightaway, and I nudged into the oncoming lane. Just then, the shiny Mercedes Benz between me and the truck also pulled out. “Oh,” I thought, “He wants to go around, too.” But instead of proceeding, BioChair, as his license proclaimed, angled his car blocking both lanes and got out. He approached my driver’s side.

“Wow,” I thought, “This is interesting,” and rolled (archaic) down my window.  “Can’t you see the ‘Wet Paint’ sign? What about ‘Do Not Pass’ don’t you understand?” BioChair’s harangue continued from there, but he’d lost me thinking about the answers to his opening questions. While he caught his breath — though retirement age, he looked fit enough in his khaki pleated pants and black turtleneck — I did have a chance to say, “I didn’t see the ‘Do Not Pass’ sign.” Which was true because BioChair had obstructed my view of the truck’s bumper.

But we all know BioChair wasn’t really interested in my answer. He’d spoken his “peace” and was walking away. “Dumb ass,” he shouted over his shoulder.

Rather than reacting, I stopped myself from thinking anything. As instructed, I just collected together my physical, mental and emotional (etheric) bodies in an effort at self-mastery.  (5) I found myself more fascinated as to why this man was showing up at this time. What was he mirroring besides my own driving peccadilloes? As I say, this kind of blatantly aggressive encounter is new to me. Here was the ego as BioChair out of its guise and spitting on me.

I started sending BioChair love as I continued behind him down the road. Telling myself that he is the Son of God. Love the dreamer not the dream. Did I feel love? Can’t say I did, exactly. Then again, we’re told that love is not an emotion; it’s an omnipotent resonance. (6) So, yeah.

I discovered something about myself already suspected: It is much easier to wish peace for an entire country than to have those same feelings toward someone launching a personal attack in my face.

As so often happens, a few days later, I was offered the wisdom and solace to understand. In this case, from Archangel Michael via his scribe, Ronna Herman, in a September 2012 channeling:

Beloved masters, integrating greater and greater amounts of Creator Light is a wondrous gift, but it is also a great challenge. For the aspirant on  the accelerated path of ascension, what is now arising from within are the ancient vibrational patterns from the astral body and the chakra system. These residual, dense vibrations are not based on fact, but are distorted concepts from your animal/human consciousness, which is often a battleground for supremacy between your lower and higher mental and emotional faculties. You must learn to look beyond the personality and the ego of those you interact with and seek to feel the Love Essence of their Soul. Self-awareness must shift from the personality-consciousness to Soul-consciousness. You must develop Divine Indifference to Negativity so that you may stay centered in your Sacred Heart, which gives access to your Reservoir of God Power. (7)

“Divine Indifference to Negativity.” Well, practice makes perfect. So want to send out a sincere shout to BioChair. Of course, I told a transplanted New-Yorker friend of mine about this encounter, and she didn’t think anything of it.


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