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My Encounter with Lord Shiva

October 9, 2012

My astral travel ‘home’ was on a mountain ledge. I never knew what to expect when I arrived. Over the years, it got to be a very happening place. I think it was a pit stop between worlds. Beings of all shapes, sizes and colours came and went. Some would talk to me, some would not. Once, upon my arrival, I discovered it packed with little ancient aboriginals (best description I can find). I asked the ‘leader’ (the one with the biggest headpiece as I wouldn’t want to assume) how I could be of service and he would only look at me. They stayed for about a week. I really admired their patience because all they did was sit and wait.

Any time I looked over the ledge of the mountain, all I could see below was mist. One day, I was called to go down and the mist cleared. As I landed, I discovered I was on a river bank and was surrounded by animals. Predator and prey were intermingling, just wandering and laying around together. As I was taking this in, a polar bear came by and I knew I was to follow him. He entered the river, I climbed on his back and under we went. He took me to an underwater cave, just big enough for me to sit in.

As I got comfortable, I looked out and a Being that I perceived as a woman came toward me.  Her presence was so beautiful.  She put bracelets on my wrists, a necklace around my throat, and onto my ears went earrings. Then she kissed my third eye. I was in bliss and ecstasy. It took me three years to realize who it was — I came across a picture of Lord Shiva one day and I almost fell out of my chair.

Looking back over the five years between meeting and recognition, I remembered the cows. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked out my window only to find a herd of 50 cows on my lawn. They weren’t my cows, I don’t have any. I have moved in and out from this property four times over the years. The cows don’t come when I am away. This year, it is only one cow that comes. She’s content just to lie in the shade of the tree. And watch over me.


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