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Peace Ripples

October 9, 2012

Peace Ripples

By Anita Camera – October 8, 2012

Many people work on the assumption that world peace is quite out of their range of influence. They think it is a task for politicians to deal with because they are too insignificant to make any real difference.

I suppose it can’t be stressed often enough that without the  participation of the individual, no lasting change can be achieved, and just like the famous pebbles thrown into a pond, the ripples of our own inner state will spread out and make or break the day for more than just our immediate environment.

Peace really does start within – if it isn’t there, it won’t last on the outside either.

I took a dive the other day, right out of my peace. Not the fun one, where you get to see interesting fishes and turquoise waters, but the ego kind, where you go from a slight feeling of discomfort to everything-is-wrong in next to no time.

In my understanding, the Course in Miracles has the best definition of the ego;  our roles, our definitions, all our masks and pretenses, everything that is artificially constructed in and about us, everything that takes us out of our peace, is ego.

The interesting thing is that though illusory, this entity appears to reside within us, in a position from which it can easily see what makes us go up the walls or down into the black hole fastest. And it can also deliver…

I was at first feeling only a ‘little off’ when the onslaught started, but it didn’t take long to realise I had lost my peace. By the end of the afternoon, I was doubting just about everything and everyone — most of all, of course, myself.

It was quite odd and at the same time really comical. I had split into two parts: the first one was going through the prescribed stages of a downward spiral, while the other sat beside it with a running commentary:

‘We are now playing tape #357 – ‘Nobody loves / understands me,’ followed by #784 with the title ‘I am so not good enough…!’  (just insert your own variations… )

I could tell that my ego was working on overdrive to sabotage me and tried to come back into my center by rationalising what I was feeling, telling myself I was a bit under the weather and all kinds of other things. No matter what I did, I still felt really awful. It was obvious I needed the big guys.

Soon after I had sent a request for help to my guides, somehow or other, things began to improve. I felt myself gravitate more to the role of the observer, and stopped identifying with the horrible things my ego was saying about me. The rest I just slept off.

Later on, I decided to do some homework by checking out some of the issues. They were unfounded, of course, and so I returned to my writing, this time completely back in my peace and happy to share the feeling with the world.

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