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Personal Commitment To Peace

October 9, 2012

Hello again everyone, I am Alexander Lyons, writer and editor here at AWPN. In light of the recent messages from AA Michael and his confession that he was the Author of The Declaration of Human Freedom (1), I have decided to announce my personal commitment to Peace in all forms. This dedication is a very serious commitment and I am prepared to see it through, though I may not understand what that means now or in the future.

This has deep personal meanings for me because it stands in stark contrast to my earlier actions toward the efforts of war in my service in the US Navy. I finally left the Navy after a long time of struggling with what peace meant and how my actions contributed to the deaths of real people. It all came to a head early in 2011 when, in a very dark moment, I attempted suicide. I felt trapped in my actions because of my commitment and nothing about what I was doing could be reconciled with what I knew to be true and right. The conflict finally came to a head.

That night I believe I truly died. I saw myself floating above my body. I felt free and expansive. I had no idea how all of me could fit inside my body. I looked out and I saw … The light of ALL that IS. It was brighter than the sun, larger than the sun. It felt warm and whole. It was very close, too, almost directly in my ‘face.’

At that moment, I knew; it was me and I was it. Then ten thousand hands began pushing down on me. I heard two words: Not yet. … And then I woke up.

So here I am a year and a half later and declaring my very being to the cause of Peace. Internally and externally. My inner peace is deepening as I reach the crescendo of this great orchestra. There is only one Earth, but there are many worlds. We are converging into one; this end of time. O How beautiful we are. What lies ahead is ours to create.

I may be a dreamer … but I’m not the only one.


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  1. George permalink
    October 9, 2012 2:53 pm

    Dream Big Alexander and we are all behind you.
    Peace be with you

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