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Show Me The Money!

October 10, 2012

There is rumour that NESARA is not far away.  I’ll be honest, money has never been a motivating factor for me, but I want it now.  I have moved over 100 times in my life — I’ve never had my own home. It didn’t seem important, but I want one now.  I haven’t been fully anchored here since I was 4 years old, but last year I started grounding and just had a deep sense of needing to ‘plant’ myself.  That feeling is growing stronger these days.

I am not usually aware of the things I have contracted to do until I am in the thick of it.  A year and a half ago, I started losing everything. My job, my mind, my health and the place I was living. I came to a friend who really didn’t want me here.  It is important that I am here, as the property was well chosen for the energy work I have been doing. I lost my welfare income and was too ill to get a job. I had to deal with the massive guilt of wanting money. I had to work through my life issues and attitude regarding money. I had to look at my own self-worth.

I started catching on that it seemed I was ‘unplugging’ from anything to do with the old world. Especially things that had my name in capital letters.  Just when you think you have lost it all, along comes more. My kids rejected me, my car died, my passport expired, my car insurance ran out and after they tried to take it out 6 times, I am now $250 in the hole with my bank account because they charged me $42.50 each time for the computer to say “There isn’t money here.”  I didn’t have the $10 for a stop payment. My cell phone ran out, too. Hurt me so good.

This hasn’t been easy since I have always been responsible when it comes to debt and money. Each instance brought up basic survival fear and panic for me to move through. Dealing with the shame as people treated me like a loser. And each time I let it go, I was at a deeper peace. I do an enormous amount of transmuting the shadow for the collective, while also designing the New World.  I wasn’t allowed to be plugged into the ‘system’ this year so that ‘that’ energy wouldn’t be included in the new design, and my energy wouldn’t be feeding the old. I was in the Void. I realized that how far down you go is completely relevant to the heights you will attain. At this point, the bigger the financial hole for me (for us!), the better.

I know in my bones that when I start getting money, so will everyone else. I know in my bones that I will be getting a lot of it — I knew this before I heard of NESARA. I’m not hooked into NESARA as the only way this will come to me. I know it’s coming soon because I honestly just don’t have it in me to live through another winter in an attic without heat. My toes turn blue and my fingers go numb so I can’t type. I haven’t had a vacation in 13 years.  I will cry when I have my first massage in 10 years. I will bawl like a baby the first time I smile at myself in the mirror with my new teeth — the first time in years that I can eat without it hurting.

I’ve been designing my new home in my head for awhile now.  I even have the architect picked out. I’m determined to make it all anything but square.  I’m tired of squares in architecture and my home will be designed with sacred geometry. I can hardly wait to create a garden and welcome all the Elementals and Beings to enjoy with me!  I will have my library and a huge creative space for painting, drawing and crafting.  My den will be named the Hawk’s Nest and will be used for writing my book and much more.

I want enough land to start a small community and create a trading post on it. I want to create some kind of school — a school for the New Age.  I want to share with all who have helped me along the way, but hey — I won’t need to because they won’t have a need, since they will also have their own pile of money!

All I can hear in my head today is “Something’s gonna give.” I know that all I have lost will be returned to me in a much greater form. I am also hearing, “Stand your ground, and hold the light,” which to me means there will be a mini ‘tornado’ coming with this (panic and fear from the sleeping ones). Be the peaceful eye of the storm. We are soooo lifting our leg to the first step of Beyond Our Wildest Dreams! Bring it on!!

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  1. Eloisa Mooney permalink
    October 11, 2012 2:14 am

    I loved your words of truth and inspiration.

  2. October 13, 2012 6:02 am

    Thanks Eloisa! I think our excitement for what is to come could be ramped up a bit – it will draw it to us all the more, plus isn’t everyone ready for a bit of fun right about now, lol?

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