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I Love Stephen Harper

October 13, 2012

That’s a “fake it ’til you make it” statement. It’s a work in progress. I decided to pick one person from the cabal as a reflection of my shadow and do everything in my power to Love him. Forgive him. Accept him completely as he is, unconditionally. Considering I almost gag whenever I see him, I’ll start with that. He triggers me to the point I can’t look at him, so that’s a sure sign I need to look. What you resist, persists.

My dad once told me, regarding the dysfunction and abuse in our family, that this is how it is in every family. I knew that was false since it didn’t happen with my friends’ families. In that moment though, I realized he truly believed that. He was just living what he had been taught. What he believed to be normal. And for all the abuse in my immediate family, dad had endured a lot more in his while growing up. So in his perspective, he was doing pretty well.

Pick a cabal member to Love today and realize that you are Loving yourself. We won’t be much help to those who are about to open up to their shadow work if we appear frightened and disgusted to witness it with them, to listen to their story. Though we must stay anchored in the new, we must remember where we came from — remember the compassion we needed as we struggled with our rejected aspects, so that we may extend it to others seeking the path of transformation.

Since I have the chance, I’ll ask the world to dance and I’ll be dancing with myself — Billy Idol.

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