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Remembering the Missions

October 13, 2012

For some time now, my dreams have increased in clarity and recall. In my meditation, I have seen flashes of places that I know nothing of. This past week, the light and thoughts of my Multidimensional self has been integrated into the growing awareness that my consciousness is. Every step I have taken here in 3D is so beautifully guided by my Multidimensional self that I look forward to the day when we are interwoven into one.

This morning came with a very interesting dream and the beginning of further remembering of past dreamflights. I was sitting at a control panel, working an operation. There were beings standing close on either side. With their careful guidance, I worked diligently. It was a very careful process. My 3D mind interprets this as tension, but my higher mind recalls the slow, methodic determination we had. Eventually the process became faster; mastering the skills was a guided process overseen by our Galactic friends.

It was this morning I had a dream that sparked the remembering process of many past missions in many different places. I was dealing with nuclear warheads, missiles and radioactive materials. Once this began to fall into place, it did so quite easily and quickly.

The technology to render radioactive material inert was being taught to me and with their help, I was able to use their technology and equipment to work in cooperation with a group of people from Earth. I was on a single ship within Earth’s atmosphere.

We were standing before an opened missile casing, looking at the uranium/plutonium material inside. We were doing the final test of the radio-activeness before we took it out. Once it was confirmed inert, we removed it from the housing and sent the missile to be dismantled and melted down. The people I worked with had great joy in what we were doing and after every completed dismantling, we breathed a joyous sigh.

One sense I get is that I was working with a person from the Middle East. He and I worked side by side in all of our endeavors and in several places within the region.

There is another interpretation to this dreamflight. It is that I am currently involved in operations that just turn the nuclear warheads inert and then, at a later date, I will be helping to dismantle them. But this still may not be true. Time can be nonlinear in dreams and I have a feeling that much more is going on than what my 3D mind is processing. But still, this is current and happening now, and I will continue my mission of rendering these nuclear missiles incapable of harming any human life.

If the people of the world knew how much the people of the Middle East wanted peace, they would not be so inclined to look upon them as an enemy.

Now that I am typing this, I know I have been at this job for some time. I am very grateful that I am able to remember this and even more grateful that I am able to share it with you all. I feel very honored to perform this job and I thank our Galactic family and friends for teaching me these skills and for bringing me onboard their craft. I am extremely glad that we can work together on this and my Multidimensional self is overjoyed at doing the work. Finally, we’re getting our hands dirty; well, you know what I mean.

Be at peace my loves. I will do my job for as long as I need to. Thank you

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