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Liquid Gold into Solid Gold

October 14, 2012

I wrote  a while ago about an energy reading I had. I had a follow-up session that was awesome! At the last reading, she told me I was swimming in liquid gold. After delighting in this for a awhile, my first thought was, “How do I turn it into solid gold?” Ask and you shall receive. A few days later, an article landed in my face about two guys who discovered that when liquid gold is mixed with a toxic bacteria (the name is too long), the alchemical effect of the bacteria interaction while feeding on it will turn the liquid gold into solid gold.

Well, for goodness sake, I’m a Scorpio! THE most toxic, poisonous potential there is in a zodiac sign. I just have to BE to make it solid! All that purging and transforming the shadow for years? Well, I’ve been spinning gold while locked in my tower. Spinning it for all of us because I’ve been a magnet for the collective shadow through myself, which contains YOUR energy signature and as I send it back out in its transmuted form, it will flow back to the original energy signature. That’s why I can’t have my energy in the old money system.

Aren’t you glad we and the cabal created so much dark energy? It’s like batter for a cake. The more ingredients in the batter, the bigger the cake! We need 7 billion, or so big cakes and they are providing all the ingredients we need. This power of transmutation and transformation, all the letting go (destruction, decay and atrophy) in me, is guided and protected by Lord Shiva. I still wear the necklace and bracelets. S/he is pictured with a cobra — the remedy for a snake bite is snake venom. The dark shadow inside and outside of yourself will transform to light when you start seeing/feeling it in a different light. When you become grateful for its purpose. I believe it’s called Grace, which leads to forgiving. Use the venom to heal. Use it for a higher purpose.

Just like Foodstock/Soupstock. A potential of drastic abuse of Earth brought together thousands of country folk with city folk. The people who grow the food and the people who transform and eat the food. All had been connected for years, but in a distant, passing manner. Now they have merged together, creating a huge event of awareness, celebration and gratitude. Would that have happened without the Mega Quarry arriving? We’ve been passing each other by on these highways for years and years without it happening. And I would bet dollars to donuts that peeps on the side of the Mega Quarry were at Foodstock enjoying the Love, too.

Well, onto my newest reading! And I love that it follows my Show Me the Money post. The energy reader has been saying that it is our desire energy that is the important ingredient for physical manifestation right now. The keynote for Scorpio is ‘I Desire’ and I know how to do this intensely, passionately and deeply. Hence, my post about wanting money. She told me that I am now loading up bags of gold. It has turned solid! I’m loading them into a golden cylinder (not tube, the cylinder is not empty) made of a spider web-like material. I’m Santa loading his sleigh and the first stop is the island of misfits! This cylinder is showing up in other people’s readings, too — they are apparently spinning it with their feet (like log rolling in a river). It makes me think of a cement mixer. We’re all doing our part!

I read a great piece of advice the other day that put all this waiting into perspective for me. “Every dollar (investment/time) spent with the architect saves two dollars with the construction company.” We certainly don’t want to build our castles upon sand. Creating the foundation of gold for our Golden Age is worth every second of the wait. I feel an intensity building up today, and something tells me it’s going to keep building until the golden Sun shimmies into Scorpio on the 23rd. Scorpio’s ruler is Pluto, and Pluto rules mega money. The previous collapses of the financial structure began in October.

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  1. jim permalink
    October 14, 2012 8:50 am

    have you seen the article about the new $100 bill – so much gold in it? also, the sun will be conjunct saturn in scorpio on oct 24. I am expecting something that day.

  2. donovan permalink
    July 25, 2014 10:03 am

    I want. the directions what to do

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