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Super Sonic Human Ascension

October 14, 2012

Did you watch it?  He definitely had me holding my breath! Felix Baumgautner — breaking the limits. Free-falling from 128,000 feet above Earth. The word ascension was repeated often, and his last direction from command was that he was guided by an Angel. The grace with which he pulled out of the spin, the vortex, was stunning. I wondered if Others had their hand in that crucial alignment.

Talk about a human firework for a signal! Did you notice how gently he landed on both feet? Not even the slightest stumble.  Smooth, baby. Quantum jumping, in perfect balance from top to bottom, literally made manifest right before our eyes.

Felix’s motto is “Everyone has limits, not everyone accepts them!” He is well on his way to discovering that we are limitless.  What incredible courage and inspiration! Bravo, Felix!

You can check it all out here:

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