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How Peace Will be Restored to Earth – Part 2/2

October 15, 2012

Reposted from the 2012 Scenario, April 20, 2012

The Company of Heaven does not tell us in as much detail as we might like how they will accomplish peace, but they do block out for us the major moves. SaLuSa informs us that “peace will come to you when the big powers stop interfering in other countries affairs.” (1) That time will be hastened by the dismantling of all military weapons, he says: “You will soon have to dismantle all weapons of war.” (2)

The galactics could easily cause all weapons to cease working, he reveals: “We could stifle the guns of war if so required by divine instruction, and at some stage that may be necessary.” (3) And now in 2012, he tells us that that time is close to arriving.

“We are paving the way for a declaration of world peace, from which point the use of any weaponry will be banned.” (4)

“At last we can tell you that the basis for world wide peace has been established, and quickly shall the weapons of war be withdrawn and immobilized.

“However, that will come when we join you and use our technology to ensure that once an agreement has been reached, that all countries obey it.” (5)

He informs us that war will not longer be a feature of terrestrial life and so there is no need for armies: “War has absolutely no place in the future, and for that reason there will be no need for defensive employment.” (6)

Ker-on told us some time ago that many soldiers don’t want to fight any more.

“Many of the personnel in your armed forces are honest souls dedicated to freedom, and they shall quickly turn their attention to help making peace throughout the world.

“Many of those who have experienced death and destruction around them have had their fill, and learnt lessons that will enable them to change direction. All are welcome into the Light and Love that heals all scars and injuries through the experiences of life.” (7)

When fighting stops, Matthew Ward says, all troops will return to their home nations: “All warring will end incrementally and troops in foreign countries, whether in combat, occupation forces or simply because military bases exist, will return to their own countries.” (8)

According to SaLuSa, peace has already been declared but world leaders refuse to announce it.

“Presently we are occupied with the confrontations in the Middle East, and although it is threatening to lead to war, we state again that it will not be allowed to happen. The New World Order will not be allowed to take advantage of any situation that might lead to one, as we can in any event disable weapons if we so wish.

“You could say that by our very actions, peace has been declared and an end to war in this cycle. It would delight us if your leaders would acknowledge this development, and announce it to the world.” (9)

Of all world leaders, probably President Obama is the closest to acknowledging world peace publicly, he informs us.

“President Obama is probably the first one to make a major announcement that clearly indicates his place as a peacekeeper. He is much maligned and blamed for activities beyond his control, but that will all change very soon.” (10)

Peace is coming because we demanded it, he tells us. Those who propagate war will find themselves prevented from ascending:

“The times you are in are wonderful, because you have made it quite clear that you want nothing more to do with the mentality that focuses on war and confrontation.” (11)

“At last you are quite rightly demanding an end to war, and that call has been answered by God. It is now decreed by God that war is ended, and our place is to ensure that it is so.

“That elusive peace you sought for eons of time is soon to be yours, and all forms of aggression will also be denied to those who would ignore the Divine Decree. Those souls who still harbor thoughts of this kind, will find that their vibrations are such that they will not be allowed to enter the higher vibrations of the ascended.” (12)

Our prayers for peace, SaLuSa says, “are being answered by Beings of Light from the highest realms, and they support us in our work by empowering us to help you to achieve lasting peace on Earth.” (13) Along with our demands, leaders wait in the wings to translate our rising clamor for peace into action, SaLuSa says.

“You are quite positive in demanding world peace and if your present leaders are unable to respond, you are not prepared to see them just step down but insist that new leaders that can do so are appointed in their place.

“Dear Ones, such leaders are amongst you and when we have removed the obstacles and opposition to them, they will lead you to the peaceful and happy era that you not only seek but deserve.” (14)

Aside from the galactics’ actions and our clamor, what other factors are ensuring that peace will descend on Earth? Saul mentions one: the impact of the rising energies.

“As the year progresses and the higher vibrations are dominant, peace will descend upon Earth. Already there are noticeable changes in the mass consciousness levels that can be registered by us, and more souls than ever are being lifted up.” (15)

Matthew Ward tells us that these energies cannot be halted. They will do their work.

“The higher energies engulfing the planet cannot be weakened much less halted, and these energies are awakening minds to search for truth and opening hearts to actively work for peace for all humankind and respect for all life.” (16)

Upon our arrival in the higher dimensions, there won’t be the slightest trace of discord, SaLuSa reveals.

“What a difference you will find when you arrive in the higher dimensions where there is harmony and peace, such a gentle energy that you can feel it totally embracing you. Each soul you meet will surround you in their love, and you could hardly imagine such a beautiful peaceful feeling. You will feel as if you are floating around on a cloud of gossamer.

“There is not the slightest presence of discord or negativity, and the joy of being there is an ecstatic experience. Whereas the Earth has become your living Hell, so the higher dimensions will be your Heaven. What you can be assured of is that every soul you meet, is there through having raised their vibrations to those higher levels. You cannot therefore meet with Beings of a lesser vibration, who will have found their own levels elsewhere.” (17)

Thus our yearning for peace is well known and will be granted with a suddenness that will astonish us, SaLuSa assures us.

“We … know that you tire of the constant battles that take place in your lives, and yearn for peace and the opportunity to live your life as you choose. That dream will come true and the suddenness of your transformation will be quite astonishing. Your future is in the Golden Age, and beyond your present imagination.” (18)

The galactics thus tell us that peace is unstoppable in the period leading up to Ascension. Guns will no longer operate and our governments will be forced to declare peace. The Divine Plan, our clamor and the rising energies will see to the inevitable return of peace, harmony and balance to the Earth.


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