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Remembering the Missions Part 2

October 15, 2012

Since writing about my experiences working with our Galactic friends and family, the process of remembering has increased in clarity and detail. Much of the information that I have pulled into my 3D mind has been given through feelings as a response to my questions. This is how the higher dimensions work — through feelings, impressions, and sensing with the heart instead of viewing through the eyes.

Back on board the ship, we were within Earth’s atmosphere, but still very high above. I made a long examination of my work console. There were many buttons, keys, a few switches, and some leavers. This was part of the coordinate process of identifying and targeting of the radioactive materials. The console itself was about two feet wide and ten inches long. Also, on both side of the console at the far ends were two half spheres. These were used as the final activators for the process.

Rendering radioactive materials inert is a difficult process to explain. Here in our 3D matrix, the particles are traveling below the speed of light (sub-light speeds); in the higher dimensions, the particles can travel faster than the speed of light, thus making them unseen by 3D eyes. How the higher particles interact with 3D matter is still a little unclear to me, but what I do know is that they can do some pretty interesting things to radioactive materials. A ‘beam’ of higher energy particles is emitted from the ship and bombards the Uranium/Plutonium within the nuclear missiles, rendering the material non-radioactive. In other words, it stops the ability to create a nuclear reaction.

I looked up from my work console and felt two people beside me. I looked to my right and saw the outline of a woman. My eyes drifted up to her face. It’s my mother, I thought, but my 3D mind stopped and hesitated. I didn’t want to be wrong about this and I was hesitant to admit it was her. She was not my 3D mother, but the original Higher Being that created my soul consciousness, my 5D mother. Yet still, I could not deny it and the sense of an undeniable certainty was most prevalent. I looked at her face again and saw the glowing golden radiance that she was.

I looked to my left and saw Amy, my twin flame, my soul and my love. We three were alone in this room. The others had cleared out because they knew the conscious me was coming here.

The scene shifted. I was back in the larger working station on another larger ship. This was the place where we removed the inert nuclear material from the missiles. Beside me was the person who I had previously thought was Middle Eastern. Now I can see I was wrong. He slowly turned away from me as I realized he was not born on Earth. I smiled and saw about ten others standing in the room with me. They were all extraterrestrial humans. Except one.

I looked to the window screen on my right and saw him standing there. He was turned away from me, looking out at the Earth below. He was a reptilian. He avoided eye contact because he did not want to upset me. They all knew of the potential reaction I might have toward him. It was a risk putting the two of us in the same room together. Our two races have never formally met in a setting like this. I tried to stop myself from feeling the old knee-jerk reaction that I was programmed to experience. I breathed and focused, and then a smile crossed my lips. I knew he was one of the good guys; he wouldn’t have been here with me if he wasn’t. Trust came easier once I was aware of this. Still, he was hesitant to look at me. The old triggers of  ancient times still could have had a hold on me. There were also some unknowns when it came to the lifetimes of conditioning performed by the old reptilian regime. Can years of programming be overcome in such a short amount of time? Can lifetimes of horrors be forgiven by humanity?

I approached him with a smile and an open heart. He turned slightly toward me. We looked at each other. Yes, yes it can. “Everything’s going to be okay,” I said to him. I put my hand on his shoulder, felt the hard scales. Yes I can forgive. Yes, I can love you. Everything IS okay.

It may still be a couple generations before an Earth human being see’s a reptilian without seeing the horrors of the past. But we will see the day; it will come.

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