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World Peace – It’s All in The Name

October 16, 2012

In the case of Metta World Peace of the LA Lakers – it is everything.  All his hopes and dreams for a better world full of people loving each other are all wrapped up in the name Metta chose in September 2011.

Metta, a Buddhist word meaning loving and kindness toward all, takes his new name seriously.   He said, “Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world.”

In April 2012, a disillusioned Metta said that he had a “new, more realistic outlook on the world,” and filed to have his name changed to Military Industrial Complex.  He felt that, even though World Peace was a good thing to hope for, it wasn’t realistic and made him look weak.  He said “It was a sign of weakness,” he said. “I can’t be weak in a world full of death and war and flagrant fouls.”

In the end and as of 30 August 2012, Metta decided to keep his name as World Peace and go about promoting it rather than the alternative.  “Since the brawl he was involved while a member of the Indiana Pacers back in 2004 that resulted in a 83-game suspension, World Peace has made a valiant effort to change his ways on and off the court. It has been a bumpy road at times, but the defensive-minded star has changed many people’s perception of him in a very positive way.”

I feel that if everyone was so bold as to declare World Peace in their own small way, it would be achieved in no time flat.


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