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Galactic Prohibition of Nuclear War and Cleansing of Radioactivity from the Planet

October 17, 2012

I’ve gathered together in one place all the statements the galactic and spirit teachers have made on the prohibition against exploding nuclear devices on, above, or below the planet as well as related topics.

The URLs for Matthew’s and SaLuSa’s messages follow:


SaLuSa, Atmos, etc.:

Damage Done to a Soul Caught in a Nuclear Blast

“Nuclear weapons are an abomination that is so destructive, even to the point of damaging the souls of those in their path. Fortunately, in the past where you have let off nuclear devices, we have placed a protective shield around your Earth to prevent damage to the outer planets, and life forces in Space. Do you still wonder why Man is considered such a danger to other forms of life?” (Atmos of Sirius, Dec. 17, 2008.)

“When a soul is in the area of a nuclear explosion in space, it [that is, its body] is shattered and the parts are scattered, and for healing to occur, all parts must be retrieved and reintegrated so that all experiencing once again is intact. For the largest portion of a soul to locate all of its parts is extremely difficult, and when it does, the reintegration process is complex and lengthy. The scattered parts may have ramifications for other souls.

“Soul parts may enter bodies, where the resultant change may either enhance or impede the resident soul’s chosen pathway, or they may be captured by dark ones and cry out weakly for rescue. Way-showers and healers throughout the universe, including on Earth, are aiding the damaged souls. This is not yet within your ability to comprehend.” (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 5, 2005.)

No Nuclear Explosions and No Nuclear War

“By Creator’s law, souls’ free will must be respected except in the case of nuclear detonations in space.” (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 7, 2003.)

“The nuclear power that is possessed with intention to serve dark purposes cannot and will not be effective. By Creator’s decree that no nuclear detonations in space will be permitted, the technology of the light warriors both on and off-planet already has thwarted and will continue to thwart efforts to annihilate targets of both Earth planetary realm and other celestial bodies that are temporary homelands or relay stations for light warriors. I have covered the non-use of nuclear power on quite a few previous occasions but without specific mention of these targets.” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 8, 2004.)

“The sudden determination of the US government to spend billions of dollars to explore and possibly colonize Mars is to us almost a laughable disguise for the dark truth, which is to prevent the light forces from en masse landings on the planet by extending the combat into space. Although this is put out publicly as a US exploration decision, it is the intent of the Illuminati globally to heat up their battle capabilities with this off-planet use of technological weapons that only a few scientists and the quiet elite there know exist. Of course this effort will be as futile as their attempts to use known nuclear weaponry have been.” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 8, 2004.)

“The [Galactic] Federation has neutralized nuclear missiles and nuke suitcases. Most of Earth’s population has no idea how many times we have stepped in behind the scenes to influence, alter or stop certain very destructive events and the misuse of numerous `black-op’ highly classified weapon systems and projects very destructive to Mother Earth, which would have wiped out much of the life on the planet.

“If it had not been for our constant vigilant monitoring of Earth, . to stop these very dangerous incidents and many other forms of Intervention, as bad as the environmental conditions are at this time, this planet would literally be in eight times worse of a mess than it presently is!” (Ashtar through Michael Ellegion, Dec. 22, 2007, via Mark Huber post, 29 Oct. 2008.)

“You may think it is superfluous for me to mention still again the critical need for using keen discernment about all information and trusting your intuition as to whether it is falsehood or truth. However, since my mother is still receiving emails from people who are alarmed about those reports of worldwide evacuation plans as well as various prophesied types of dire happenings like the imminent imposition of martial law, millions will be rounded up and put in concentration camps, belligerent ETs will invade your planet, and all-out nuclear wars brewing, I think there cannot be too much emphasis upon discernment and intuition.

“Furthermore, our repeated assurances that NONE of those will befall you seem to fly out the window each time a fear-filled report makes the Internet rounds. The light will not permit any such reversal in its ever-increasing intensity, and Earth did not endure many, many centuries of the tyranny and bloodshed that caused all the negativity, just to have her current beloved inhabitants experience more of it!” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 24, 2008.)

“There will be NO nuclear war and NO one on Earth can start a war in space.” (Matthew’s Message, May 21, 2008.)

“Saner minds know there is no troop power, no war-machine equipment, and, most important, no will among nations for a conquest that could escalate to incalculable loss of life or even planetary destruction.

“Furthermore, even if such a conquest is the intent of a few desperate dark minds, you who have read my messages and those from other knowledgeable off-planet sources know that the technology of our space family will once again successfully prevent such action if it is attempted.” (Matthew’s Message, July 4, 2008.)

“Needless to say, as always we are abreast of what is taking place, and have a total picture of the likely outcome of the impetus created by you. … We are ready to seize control on your behalf as soon as it is practical to do so and prevent any madcap actions by the dark as they contemplate defeat. We know exactly how they think and will curtail any attempts to prevent the Light from manifesting on your world.” (Diane of Sirius, Aug. 6, 2008.)

“The Galactic Federation has been quite directly involved in your planet in many, many ways for your planets whole history. of late we have been bringing great many ships into the environment of your planet in order to assist with numerous subtle duties. I can list a few: assisting with the balancing of your magnetosphere, working against your destructive tendencies by disallowing nuclear explosions and similar, beaming in an balancing frequencies of light that assist in the ascension process, severely curtailing the negative activities of other self-serving space races and so on and so on. The list is long.” (Cdr Adamu, Sept. 2, 2008, at

“No matter what rhetoric passes between different countries that confront each other, we give an absolute assurance that there will not be another nuclear war. It will simply not be allowed, and soon the weapons of war shall be completely silenced forever.” (Ker-On, Sept. 8, 2008.)

“There will be no war with Iran. … Russia will not engage in a major war and neither will China.” (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)

“We can disable your nuclear devices without touching them.” (Cdr. Adamu, Sept. 29, 2008, through Zingdad, at

“On more than one occasion, you were intending to bring about a nuclear war. … Your actions could have destroyed your Earth. We wish you to be aware that we have acted as your guardians for many thousands of years and you would not have been where you are now without our help, indeed you would not have reached this high point in evolution.” (Atmos, Oct. 13, 2008.)

“The line has been drawn against certain activities that would endanger life on and beyond your Earth, and [the dark] are therefore curtailed in what they can do.” (Ker-On of Venus, Oct. 22, 2008.)

“We follow your development and, since you entered the Nuclear Age, have come a lot closer. Our service to Humanity has been to make sure that you complete this cycle, and that both you and the Earth are not destroyed. You have come close to doing so on a number of occasions and we have prevented it. It is fortunate that the Divine Plan for you requires that you see this cycle out to the end, which is but a few years away.” (Ker-On of Venus, Oct. 22, 2008.)

“We shall ensure that there is no interference from the dark forces [in Ascension], as their power will have been removed from them. Already we curtail their ability to cause more wars and use their nuclear weapons and we know that it has been their objective in the Middle East.” (Ker-On, Nov. 3, 2008.)

“Regardless of what threats are perceived, you will not be involved in a nuclear exchange or war. Your governments are aware of this edict from us, but still use such threats against each other. …

“There is talk of further wars but we assure you that it is no longer part of your future. We have informed your governments and military that nuclear weapons will not be allowed, and have proved we are as good as our word. We are here to lead you into a peaceful era that will allow for the restoration of your planet, and for a quantum leap forward into the Light.” (SaLuSa, Nov. 14, 2008.)

“We can easily [quiet] the guns of war if there is any need to do so.” (SaLuSa of Sirius, Dec. 8, 2008.)

“We can tell you that regardless of what threats are perceived, you will not be involved in a nuclear exchange or war. Your governments are aware of this edict from us, but still use such threats against each other.” (Atmos, Dec. 17, 2008.)

“Nuclear weapons are quarantined so that they stay on Earth, and not allowed to be used in connection with experimental or warlike activities.

“Our future is together and we come not to ‘rescue’ you, as you are not in danger of annihilation. Such as the dangers are to life and limb, we are tightly monitoring events on Earth and our divine orders are to keep it to a minimum. There will be no nuclear war or that type of aggression, but we cannot stop altercations between people if they are set upon it. It is still a time when much Karma is being cleared, so it must be allowed in the interests of all concerned. We do not interfere, but come in answer to many prayers and thoughts sent into the ethers that welcome our presence.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 18, 2009.)

“Creator made this single exception to Its law that all souls’ free will must be honored: There will be no more nuclear wars, and spiritually evolved civilizations are authorized to use their technology to prevent any attempts to initiate one. That is why we have been able to repeatedly and confidently assure you that there will be no nuclear war on Earth.

“So there is no possibility of planetary-wide destruction.” (Matthew’s Message, March 10, 2009.)

“Technologically we are far superior to your dark forces, and although they have developed weapons of mass destruction we can safely handle them.” (SaLuSa, March 17, 2010.)

“We are in contact with your leaders, and they have been warned that certain conduct will not be allowed that seriously endangers you.” (SaLuSa, March 20, 2009.)

“You will soon have to dismantle all weapons of war, and in fact once true peace has been achieved it will not be disputed or ignored. If it were it would be to no avail, as there is nothing that can be hidden from our sight however well concealed it may be.

“Many times in the past your governments have been warned of the dangers to Mankind, through the use of nuclear devices. Their response has been exactly the same as when we offered to help achieve peace on Earth. Each time our offers have been rejected on the orders of the Illuminati, who have instead preferred to push forward with their own agenda for self-empowerment.” (SaLuSa, May 21, 2010.)

“As we have often informed you, we will not allow nuclear weapons to be used. The time is approaching when peace will be declared, and all types of armaments will be banned. Furthermore we will also monitor Earth and prevent any attempts to falsely start wars of whatever nature.” (SaLuSa, July 26, 2010.)

“You the people have been seeking peace for a long time, but have lacked the leadership that could put it into being. Attempts have been made to limit the potential for a world war, but even the reduction in nuclear weapons has made little difference. The old paradigm was one that expected wars to take place, and indeed encouraged them as a means of gaining world power. However, your pleas for peace have been answered by mightier powers than those on Earth. The cycle of duality as you now know is to end as planned in Ascension, and that will take place with our help.” (SaLuSa, Sept. 29, 2010.)

“The Galactic Federation is meanwhile keeping a firm watch on the military bases, so as to ensure that they do not interfere with the process of change. They too like all of the armed forces will become converted to serve peaceful purposes. War has absolutely no place in the future, and for that reason there will be no need for defensive employment.

“Keep these things in mind when you are thrown into the midst of turmoil, as it will help you through such periods. Think peace, love and beauty as so much on Earth is ugly and has been despoiled by Man.” (SaLuSa, Oct. 4, 2010.)

“The missiles were incapacitated — we’re taking NO chances with anything leaving the surface. The missiles are US-based, but in some cases the troops are specialty forces under Illuminati commanders.

“No government [that is, in contradistinction to the Illuminati] with military might is willing to initiate an ‘incident’ in this global economic climate and their people’s growing unrest, and any show of power is by order of the Illuminati to their ‘shadow’ force.

“I can tell you, [the cabal] are frustrated beyond imagining because no nuclear warheads check out to be viable and none of the missiles achieves its objective.” (Hatonn, “Galactics Neutralized the Missiles, Obama Knows about Protection and Ascension,” Nov. 15, 2010, at

“Most of you probably know by now that [the Atlanteans] destroyed their civilization due to the misuse of advanced technologies. You are very much in a similar situation where the dark Ones would think nothing of endangering you and your Earth. Let us however stress once more that total destruction will not be allowed, which is why we are authorized to stop any attempt to use nuclear weapons. You are safe with us, and you will complete this cycle as planned ready for Ascension.” (SaLuSa, Dec. 3, 2010.)

“When you see senseless violence, legal injustices, multinational corporations influencing governments, pollution, and the massive misery caused by war and impoverishment, being told ‘All of that will end’ begs the question ‘WHEN?!’

“And we cannot give exact times because Earth’s energy field of potential is in an uproar, but we can promise that you shall see positive changes as the light keeps intensifying. Staying steadfast in the light will help keep your energy balanced as well as hasten the day when the reign of darkness on the planet is completely over.” (Matthew’s Message, Dec. 25, 2010.)

“We of the Galactic Federation are still surrounding your Earth, and nothing that happens escapes our notice. We are particularly aware of the attempts to place weaponry in Space, and it has been planned and attempted for quite some time. We have foiled such attempts and have warned your military and government representatives that it will not be allowed.

“Even so, we can neutralize any nuclear weapons wherever they are, and it is pointless in attempts being made to deceive us. You are therefore perfectly safe and guaranteed to see out the last two years of this cycle, without any major incident. It really is time that the dark Ones admitted that their plans have been foiled, and allowed you to fully focus on your Ascension.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 5, 2011.)

“Where there is even the hint of using nuclear weapons, we are preventing such a happening.

“So we can assure you that regardless of what you may hear or read in the Press, there will not be a nuclear war.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 19, 2011.)

“With Creator’s exception of nuclear detonations in space, Its law of free will must be honored by God and all of His emissaries.” (Matthew’s Message, Jan. 15, 2011.)

“Nuclear war … will not come as has been decreed by the higher energies. (The Arcturian Group, Feb. 5, 2011, through Marilyn Raffaelle, at http:/

Galactics Have Been Involved in Cleaning up Toxins from Nuclear Explosions, Especially Depleted Uranium

“Suzy: There are some questions about depleted uranium; basically all are about how this lethal radiation will affect future generations.

“Matthew: First I say that long-time readers of my messages and the books know my objection to the term ‘depleted that indicates short-term effects, and that more often I have used ‘depleting,’ which is what the uranium released through weaponry is doing.

“The toxicity is greater than can be totally neutralized by off-planet technology. However, the sickness and birth defects due to the radiation would be far greater without that technology’s ameliorating effects. When your space brothers and sisters can work openly on the planet, all pollution, including radioactivity, will be eliminated.” (Matthew’s Message, Apr. 28, 2006.)

“This is something we have been involved in ever since [your] first experiments with nuclear devices. A considerable amount of our time has been [given to] cleansing your atmosphere of radioactive fallout and in more recent times the chemtrails.” (SaLuSa, March 19, 2010.)

“You will soon have to dismantle all weapons of war, and in fact once true peace has been achieved it will not be disputed or ignored. If it were it would be to no avail, as there is nothing that can be hidden from our sight however well concealed it may be. Many times in the past your governments have been warned of the dangers to Mankind, through the use of nuclear devices. Their response has been exactly the same as when we offered to help achieve peace on Earth. Each time our offers have been rejected on the orders of the Illuminati, who have instead preferred to push forward with their own agenda for self-empowerment.” (SaLuSa, May 21, 2010.)

“We have for many years, going far back into the last century, dealt with many problems arising from pollution and nuclear fall-out. We have limited contamination [for instance, from depleted-uranium weapons] to avoid as far as possible genetic damage to future generations.” (SaLuSa, May 12, 2010.)

“Have no fear, Dear Ones, although you have serious troubles to contend with and they are destroying your environment, we can reverse the damage and clear any pollution that has been caused.

“Much of [this] can be achieved from our craft without needing to land on your Earth’s surface. It is the type of work we have carried out for you on many occasions over the years.” (SaLuSa, May 12, 2010.)

In alignment with [Earth’s] goal [of Ascension], our ‘space’ brothers and sisters are using their technology to alleviate the … effects of … the toxins [from] weaponry.(Matthew’s Message, Sept. 11, 2010.)

“It was a long time ago that such a Divine instruction was given to us, as so much damage and pollution has already been caused by their use or testing. Man has learnt little since the first Atomic Bombs were dropped on Japan, and even that act was unnecessary to gain a peaceful surrender.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 19, 2011.)

Depopulation Was an Illuminati Goal

“Depopulation by any means is an Illuminati goal.” (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 14, 2008.)

“Evidence of this new flu effort and other Illuminati activities to drastically reduce the population is being amassed and eventually will completely eliminate that dark group’s long control through fear, ignorance and economic slavery.” (Matthew’s Messages, July 18, 2009.)

“There is truth in the claims that the dark Ones have always planned to drastically reduce the population numbers, but they have been severely set back through our actions.” (SaLuSa, Sept. 11, 2009.)

After Ascension, Problems like War and Pollution will No Longer Exist

“In the higher frequencies where spiritual clarity reigns, … the effects of radioactivity, which even now are being alleviated by the technology of your extraterrestrial friends, no longer will affect Earth and her life forms.” (Matthew’s Message, Dec. 31, 2003.)

“As for the onset of the Golden Age, not all of its glories are sitting on its doorstep, so to say. Yes, everything born of dark intent will have ceased with the advent of that Age—so no more warring or other violence, no more impoverishment or disease, no more polluting or mind control or corruption.” (Matthew Ward, “Essay on 2012,” Dec. 31, 2007.)

“What a difference you will find when you arrive in the higher dimensions where there is harmony and peace, such a gentle energy that you can feel it totally embracing you. Each soul you meet will surround you in their love, and you could hardly imagine such a beautiful peaceful feeling. You will feel as if you are floating around on a cloud of gossamer.

“There is not the slightest presence of discord or negativity, and the joy of being there is an ecstatic experience. Whereas the Earth has become your living Hell, so the higher dimensions will be your Heaven. What you can be assured of is that every soul you meet, is there through having raised their vibrations to those higher levels. You cannot therefore meet with Beings of a lesser vibration, who will have found their own levels elsewhere.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 19, 2011.)

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