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The Balance Point

October 17, 2012

The Fun House.  That weird house with mirrors on the walls, doors on ceilings and shifting floors all around.  It all just reconfigured.  Two weeks ago, The Heavenly Bodies were super busy.   Entries into new signs and a big reversal so you can reinforce and strengthen what you recently learned and discovered, about yourself and the world, during the expansion.  The contraction will anchor and solidify it.  The next 2.5 years will be much of a personal internal process thanks to Saturn now in Scorpio.  We have to go through our Selves for entry into the new world.  We must create it through our Selves.  We are at the core of the onion.

The New Moon just occurred as the dust settled, giving us a clearer look at the landscape before us.  A knowing of the path and steps we now need to take, particularly personally, to continue our journey.  Endings and beginnings in motion.  We must allow the endings to die with honour and gratitude.  The next while is heavy Scorpio energy, so expect many endings.  In many forms.  How well can you let go?  Testing 1 2 3.

For myself personally, I’m aware of the pull, an expansion, of opposites within myself.  I am mastering this energy well, as it has been a large part of my life experience.  I have a natal chart full of strong oppositions.  It’s either a pull apart force, or a collision force over and over, again and again.  Like bread being kneaded.  When you surrender and relax into it, you rise.  You encompass the entirety of the spectrum of the force at play, the two extremes of the same force merging as one, in the higher fractal.  The Trinity.  A portal of creative expression.

I’m being pulled and pushed to go in two directions at the same time.  Saturn in my solar 1st house of self is creating the deep want of anchoring, of material want – physical manifestations for my highest good.  This is new for me.  I have spent so much time working for the All, it’s difficult to switch my focus.  I have had to work through guilt around selfishness and desire. And then I realized I am part of the All, therefore I need to solidify my dreams for myself – and I intend to have the same things that I have been dreaming for the All.  It’s loving my self.  So it’s very exciting for me to be at this point.

Our REWARD will be of the 5 elements.  If we minimize, reject or disregard our own physical reward during this process, we’re out of balance.  The New Earth will still be physical for quite a while.  That’s the whole point of this thing – to have a ‘rising’ that doesn’t cast off matter.  It’s not just about having spiritual abundance – it’s enjoying ALL that comes with this great gift.  Right now, my spiritual bank account is full – my cup runneth over.  And if I don’t complete the process by allowing that FULL expression in the physical world, I will be doing a disservice to myself and the All.

So, as I’m anchoring my desires in the physical world,  I’m also learning a higher level of cosmic travel.  I wrote a while ago that my astral journey location is no longer – an ending for me that is not so easy.  Someone ‘folded’ it up and said I didn’t need it anymore.  It’s like giving up my blankie.  And every time I idiotically ask myself “Where can I go now?”, I replay my recent bi-locating experiences.  I almost typed bi-polar.

Now, here’s the thing.  For all of you who haven’t had occult or paranormal experiences, who are excitedly waiting for the day for this to open up for you – it’s one of those careful what you ask for things. Too much too fast is really hard on you.  I understand explicitly why the Galactics are using bubble wrap concerning Disclosure.  Even though I have astral traveled for 15 years, and met many Beings along the way – it still does my head in.  It is a mind warp.  It can bring you to the lunatic fringe.  It is not a game at this point.  It is the land of the unknown breaking through a long held barrier and it can’t NOT affect you deeply. You will learn the meaning of responsibility and reverence of power.

My counter parts on my bi-locating journeys know I need to take this slow.  I know I’m not practicing it as much as they would like, and they are being very compassionate about it.  My inner communication with them is so much clearer and instant, so I’m becoming more comfortable with that for now.  One major change for me is a shift in ‘mentors’.  I have had Gabriel walking with me, loudly at times, for the last 15 years.  Now it seems that Michael is guiding me – so no real surprise I ended up on this blog.  I’m writing a piece on just who it is that I’m meeting during my new journeys – and as I write that sentence, I realize just how vulnerable I feel when I think about discussing this in a public forum.  Expanding out of the comfort zone.

Life – the gift that keeps on giving.

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