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The Common Task of Lightworkers

October 21, 2012

Yesterday evening, I was practicing channeling Archangel Michael, as he requested I do daily in my last personal reading with him. I don’t know whether I was actually getting something he was saying or just channeling my own mind, but it doesn’t really matter because what came through brought a real response from me. I resonated with it and that’s really all that’s important to me.

When I discussed the matter with a lightholder, I noticed that the same subject did not resonate with her necessarily, so it may apply only to lightworkers.

In my reckoning, a lightworker actively serves the Light while a lightholder seeks truth, love or enlightenment and may not be as attracted to actual hands-on, active service.

A lightholder may be more attracted to meditation and sathsang (the sharing of truth among other lightholders), whereas a lightworker is more attracted to what may show up like actual hands-on, active service.

I feel myself to be around 80% lightworker and 20% lightholder. I know I’m here to actually and actively serve in this lifetime, but I remain an introvert by choice, a meditator and seeker after enlightenment who has left off from seeking this lifetime to serve. The lightholder I was speaking to was about 90% lightholder and 10% lightworer. She did her lightwork predominantly in her personal job.

But the message that was given me, whomever it came from, was that lightworkers share a common task. After that common task, they might specialize in how they create the common goal or engage in different activities. But one activity they agreed to in common, probably before they came here was to restore, maintain and protect calmness, tranquility and peace on Earth at this time.

Now the three things — calmness, tranquility and peace — seemed the same to me and the only reason three were given seemed to be to make sure that what they all pointed to was achieved in the event that someone said, well, I’m not really interested in peace but I am interested in, say, tranquility. OK, go for that. Same thing.

But in common, we’re here to contribute to keeping the world calm, tranquil and peaceful in the midst of accelerated change.

And the impact of hearing that was fairly revolutionary on me. It brought a very strong “yes” from me. It clarified my mind. And it settled me right down.

It was as if the general in command had just given me my marching orders and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? You’ve received your orders.” Yes, sir. I was definitely now in action.

As if to make it real, I no sooner came upon that teaching than I had an interaction with someone who was in great stress and took steps designed to reduce that stress. As I did so, I was acting to bring about a condition of greater peace in that person’s life. So I actually took a step that was consciously on mission, or you could say that I actually applied the teaching I received, just to reinforce my understanding of it and to serve it.

So in terms of being the leaven in the loaf, waiters at the banquet of Ascension, etc., I was here, after that moment, to achieve the common task as a lightworker (as I saw it) of restoring, keeping and defending the peace of society, its calmness, its tranquility.

That marching order certainly fits with much of what I’ve been doing so far, but it’s just as true to say that many of my activities up until now did not fit into it. I wasn’t doing it consciously or measuring everything I did against that standard up until now. I’ve been hit and miss. But now I have the opportunity to measure everything I do against that standard and I find it helpful.

So I assert, as my own personal point of view, that what we do in common as lightworkers is contribute to the calmness, tranquility and peace in this world while all the rest around us changes. Some may do it through healing the sick, some through feeding the hungry, others through clothing the impoverished, others through housing the homeless, others through loving people, and still others through distributing money (which is the same for me as loving people).

The manner in which we specialize is not as important as the commitment itself, in my view, to see that as much calmness, tranquility and peace  as possible is brought to the situation we’re in. We’re here, I say, to stabilize the situation, see that everyone has the space to respond with as little fear and anxiety as possible, and to allow those unaware of what’s occurring the greatest possible measure of calmness and tranquility in which to make their choices.

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