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The Morning After

December 23, 2012

The Morning After



As I reflect this morning about my personal experiences of 12-21-12, I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful and heartfelt meditation that Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett held from Maui, HI.  Additional gratitude goes to 2012 Scenario staff and writers, channels, and followers of this invaluable website.


My level of awareness took another step toward a deepening of the Truth of Oneness; not a concept or theory, but a Universal Law that can be easily integrated in the mind of ego, but not as easily integrated into our Intuitive Heart and Soul.  My realization did not take hold until into the late night.  It was, no doubt, a deepening that resulted from spending the entire day processing whatever issues, concerns, or questions that came up.  As my day proceeded hour-by-hour I had felt emotions of bliss, joy, and then I found myself dipping into the lower vibration frequencies of negative emotions. 


As a result, my Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters ever so lovingly reminded me that I must do my part.  So once again I stepped into my Higher Self, my True Self” by “climbing” Abraham’s (Abraham-Hicks) Emotional Indicators Scale.  During my webinar meditation with Rose/Everett, I had felt an inner shift while stating the “I AM THAT, I AM.”  What a subtle, yet pivotal, turning point for me as I move toward the meaning of “Oneness.”  I AM a part of All There Is.  The combination of riding the negative emotional responses through, and of the “I AM” somehow make a vital “ah ha” moment for me.


Having a sense a humor with the ability to laugh at myself, at just the right time, has been an excellent occurrence, as it was needed as I was arriving at my unique and serious understanding of what it means for me to be a part of the “Oneness” of ALL THERE IS.  Suddenly I understood my life’s purpose, and my heart was filled with immense feelings my importance and the importance of others.   The question that arose was whether I was experiencing a necessary “detachment” from the consistent occurrence of distractions.


After another meditation, and into the remaining hours of 12-21-12, winter solstice, as well as, the beginning of the New Golden Age, I suddenly realized “oh, I am not going to reap the benefits of my lifetimes, until I continue to do the work, my INDIVIDUAL work!”  Yes, I was still holding on to the false premises that at some point during the Ascension process I was going to be relieved or “saved.” Was I also holding a deep thought that I had “arrived,” and by doing so my life would suddenly my external life would be Heaven.  Well, that is a no, as I know Heaven is within.  Surely Divine Mother or Master Jesus would decide to rein me in from 3-D by determining  . . . “she’s had enough.”  Well, ‘no”  . . . that is not of the Truth of Universal Law.


Then unexpectedly at almost midnight I received negative news from a close family member.  Suddenly, my emotions began to spiral downward as the tears flooded in.  I thought, “No, I want to sustain the more peaceful place I had achieved.  Well, as soon as I thought the tears were over with, they would start up again.  I wanted so much to end my day at a happy state of being.  At the same time I knew that I could not deny nor resist these emotions, which were driven by a false belief.  I wanted to achieve a higher level of being a deliberate creator, and a conqueror over thought by returning to the Love that I Am.  Consequently, my ability to transmute my energy from negative to positive (Love) was being given another opportunity.


I called out to Divine Mother and Master Jesus, and within seconds, I could feel my process begin to complete itself instantaneously.  An immediate comfort of peace and warmth came over me.  My surrendering was my way of resolving via transmuting.  Just for the asking all can be returned to hopefulness; seek and ye shall find.


The idea of being At-One with All There Is may truly mean that All are created equal, and that means there is no “hierarchy” among Spirit, regardless which form it has taken: non-physical or physical form.  All creation holds value and equality, and most of all, our Beloved Mother Earth.


However, equality of All is just that: all people are equal to all of the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters/Saints/Goddesses, ETs, and those of the Galactic Federation and Star Beings of Light, and of course, all living things and nature


Please consider that I was aware of this reality, but the “I Am” meditation helped me get to this deeper awareness.  And, I had to laugh with the relief I felt that brought a lightness of being.  Ah . . .. Imagine I was holding the hope that I would be relieved of the emotional pain by some kind of Spiritual removal (from outside of myself) from my physical existence . . . . . that someone would save me by taking me the rest of the way???  NOT!!  How many times I had heard during the interviews of Linda Dillon’s channeling of Archangel Michael and Divine Mother where they reminded us that they are with us.  Somehow I must have imagined them outside of myself, rather than as a part of me.


Again, my sense of humor arrived at the right time, as I felt the presence of my Spirit Family who were guiding me.  I heard their message of guidance loud and clear.  They hope we do ask for help, as they are ready to assist us in helping ourselves, but within the Universal Law(s).  We, do not need to hold onto negative emotions, but can embrace the experience as it brings opportunity to create a better feeling experience as we choose, or not, to elevate our vibration frequencies.  Yes, we will always practice our creative abilities to attract and manifest, accordingly.  And no one can do IT for us, and we cannot do IT for others.


Now, it’s the morning after, and as I sit up in bed writing, I am at peace because I know Mother Earth has made her transition into the Golden Age, which she will continue to travel her path further into the Age.  And, I will do the same.


When I first awoke I heard a type of hum or vibration sound.  It reminded me of the Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Moses Code Meditation.  Well, this sound woke me up.  But once I sat up I could not determine where it was coming from, and it faded almost immediately once I sat up.  Perhaps, I was blessed with the sound of our Universe. But this I knew with certainty . . . my heart was full and somehow everything felt so right.


Being part of the collective can only achieve Heaven on Earth, as much as we grasp the fact that we are of the Divine.  Will we live our value?  I believe we will, eventually, but I no longer am thinking of others as much as I of my own individuality as I am do what I am to do. 


I know that I have all that is needed to experience what I choose, and personally, my ascension is what I look forward to.  In fact, I am not even certain that Ascension is my desire, as it is my desire to just BE in Love, and live life fully.  And so, I will move forward with Joy in my heart, and with Divine Confidence. 


All Is Well



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  1. Amy permalink
    December 26, 2012 1:35 pm

    Aloha Kathy!

    I was at Kamala and Sharon’s for the 12-12-12 teacher’s training. It was such an incredibly powerful training, I am glad you had such a profound experience. Thank you for sharing. I am glad to have found a member of my soul family and I send you wave after of wave of love and light.

    Many blessings to you,

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