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How To “Right the Wrongs”

December 26, 2012

How to “right the wrongs?”



Throughout my life I have been inspired by the writings of Marianne Williamson, who is an Spiritual Inspirational speak and author who has become a clear channel of the written teachings of “A Course In Miracles.”  Her channeling is achieved through communication of speech and writings.


Now that we have entered the early stages of the Golden Age, I am firmly standing on the realization that NOW is the time to begin.  NOW is our beginning place to honor ourselves for the work we have agreed to do, as part of the collective of our Mother Earth’s inhabitants.  From this place of inner peace and acceptance we become more able to align with our true purpose by allowing our Higher Guidance to lead us to the nature of spiritual work.  It is a spiritual work because our human values are shifting to Spiritual Values.


Marianne states from her book titled, “Illuminata,” that “Spiritual Values present a radical alternative to the world’s prevailing thought system.”  Does this statement ring true for you?  If not, please reread the statement, and ask aloud, “What would my Higher Self/God/Goddess/Creator ask me to understand from this passage?”  Sit quietly  . . . alone with your awareness of your breath, and wait for the answer that will come.  Be patient . . . meaning “BE” the patience you would like to be while awaiting for the jewel that comes to you in the form of the answer that is meant for you!


At times in our personal life experiences, we have felt the “wrongs” done unto us, whether intentional or not, by others.  However, if Williamson’s reference to our individual thought forms is vital to the experiences we have as humans then we must give consideration of our freedom to think and perceive in the way we choose.  The truth be told is that how we perceive others and situations is symbolic and represents our relationship with ourselves.


Our perceptions are indications of our own self-concept.  As we improve our thoughts of self, our perceptions of others and of the world will also improve.  Ultimately, we create the world we see, and perpetuate what we see by building on those thought forms that we have now created, and that now hold a strong emotional connection.  The emotional connection to any thought will lead to the creation of that energy and vibrational frequency.  


Hence, the Universal Law of Manifestation, and the realization that we cannot complain about the negativity see in the world, because we feed that “monster” that now has become cyclical in our cognitive and behavioral pattern.  Therefore, if we complain about what we create we are setting ourselves up for what we do not want within our experiences of ourselves.  Consequently, we are also affecting all others and our Mother Earth absorbs these energies, as well.


So how do we then “right the wrongs?”  How do we superimpose a resolution to any given perceived negative situation or interaction?  How do we become detached and stop taking on and becoming the negativity we do not want to feel?  To limit the times we may take situations personally and then become defensive offers a grand opportunity to be deliberate about the use of your power to create and manifest, according.  In essence, there are no problems, if indeed, there are infinite ways to bring harmony to any perceived conflict.


Can we identify that this is the Shift of Ascension, our individual transformation that all individuals are being called to Awaken to?  Does this shift now bring to your Heart Mind that you ARE Spirit, and that our world on Mother Earth requires a higher consciousness of Spiritual Values?


Perhaps we can create a visual in our mind’s eye of two energy fields: the positive energy and the negative energy vibration fields.  When we place our mental focus on a situation that results in a positive emotional response, we have added to the Collective of positive energies, which is where all others (the Collective) are contributing to this same bank of positivity. 


However, when the opposite occurs, we are contributing to negative energies that feed our false beliefs of ourselves as being victims or without personal power to bring the goodness we long for ourselves, our children, our immediate communities, and ultimately our Mother Earth; we feed the dragon that relies on the fuel of our negative thought forms that bring on the highly charged emotions of anger, hatred, rage, revenge, disappointment, frustration, depression, anxiety, etc.


I will end this article, which is written from a passionate heart felt place within my being, with another statement by Marianne Williamson; “We must become bigger than the pain felt at any given moment.”  WE ARE the Love we want to experience, and when we reach this Reality, the separation from True Self/God-Self will dissipate.


And, I must also refer to one of my recent Spirit Guides, John Lennon, who lovely encouraged me to replace the words “thoughts . . . thinking etc.” with the word, “Imagine . . . imagination, imaging, images etc.”  I am a non-traditional psychotherapist, and when I assist my clients to make the word replacement, they got the FULL feeling and learning that every thought is an “Imaging.”  Naturally, my clients respond with “why would I want to imagine anything of negativity?”  My response . . .  “thank you John,” and yes, why would we?


My deliberate intention is to follow where my passions lead me as I learn to return to Love, by increasing my awareness of my own thought forms.  I am learning to “right my wrongs” that I knowingly and unknowingly impose on myself, and others.


From My Heart,



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