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“What Is Your Passion?”

December 26, 2012

 What Is Your Passion?


Like many others, I believe that the new paradigm shift of Ascension is in progress, and it is important for individuals to accept the effects as encouragement to move forward as individuals.  We have begun to transition and to adjust ourselves to the new energy of the New Age.  Specifically, it is time for each individual to awaken to the work that is to be done, in order to claim the power of Love and Spirit. This is our time to identify our inner passion and natural abilities as they were divinely given to help rebuild a better world, the New Earth of Christ Consciousness.  When you know, you know.  In another way of stating this fact, is to reflect on the “I Am That, I Am.”  Let me explain what I am referring to.


Ever since I was a very young child (3-5 years old), I had specific thoughts, and a knowing, that the relationship between men and women had to change, for the better of course.  I can recall feeling a sense of doom, and thinking that this is not what I thought my life would be.  Even as a young child I knew it was not what I hoped for, and I assume this was prior to my arrival in this lifetime.  That’s what I can recall when I observed how poorly my mother and father interacted with each other.  This time in my young life, no doubt, was the beginning stages of becoming separated from my Higher Self, and my “I Am Love, I Am” turned into beliefs of a false sense of self.


This early realization is truly about how men and women are to live on Earth, but importantly it is about improving the relationship with Self before partnering with another. Even more specifically, when we consider the world today, you will see that the women of today must take their place as empowered females, and to take back her Goddess power.  By doing so, she must return and reintegrate to her Higher Self, her True Self.  No longer is she to misuse her energies that deviate from her True spiritual value.  No longer will she blame others for how she feels, and no longer will she believe she is responsible for how others feel.  She will be on the road to freedom of spirit, and free to grow as part of the collective. 


Until women begin to awaken to their True purpose in becoming whole, men will not have the greatest of opportunities to become whole in achieving their own balance of their masculine-feminine energies.  The Bahia religion expresses the importance of the male-female roles as being the “Two Wings  . . . Bird of Humanity . . . both are needed for Humanity to take flight” . . . .to ascend.  Also, Alice Walker’s poem titled, “Democratic Womanism,” expresses how the people upon our planet Earth must change, and for the need of equality and mutuality. 


Ascension relies upon the wholeness of each individual, and the balance of energies within each individual.  Male and female are only symbols representing the masculine and feminine energies we all hold within our being.  These energies are NOT about gender.  This will be the greatest paradigm shift of all.


I welcome your feedback, in hopes that clarification be applied accordingly.  Remember you emotional responses are occurring for you to be aware of your own Guidance System.  Just as I experienced as young child observing adult parents who had not taken individual responsibility, and hence blamed each and their child for their inability to Love themselves, especially during times of inner disharmony and conflict.


Thank for taking the time to read, absorb, and align yourself with the Truth and how it speaks to you.  Please keep in mind that my expression of Truth is not going to match exactly with how others experience their Truth of Reality.


~ Kathy



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  1. December 26, 2012 6:53 pm

    Relationships have always brought me no comfort and much pain, so I just don’t do gender relationships. So, I do not seek them though my friendships with animals are many and rich. My friendships with other females are many but I find I have no male friends. This is not because I do not want male friends. I think it is because they are afraid of me, something I can do nothing about so I do not try. I grow impatient with them. It seems they can never keep up with me. My life has been a long tale of how a woman becomes her own man. I feel balanced the way I am and so this makes me appear intimidating I think. I have become my own man in 3D and have enough to work on in just dealing with who I am. I believe I am not from here as I find humans very difficult to work with. I AM from somewhere else in the universe. I love flying solo. Life can simply be no other way. I have freedom to be who I am and I won’t let anyone take that from me. In all my relationships with past males they have tried to take that away from me so I do not let them in at all. Though I find some mildly interesting no one male has ever been interesting enough that I would want to spend time with him, or feel I would not be able to be without him. I love “no drama.” I rule my own world and thus it remains peaceful.

    • February 11, 2013 11:08 am

      Hi Victoria,
      Life has been incredibly busy, but I am so thankful that I was able to reconnect and in doing so have the wonderful opportunity to reply to your comment.

      Yes, I do understand the personal experiences you have had thus far in the varying relationships of your life. You actually raised several key points, however, all points will arrive at the same place of spiritual destiny (once we return home we begin again), which is Our inevitable return Home.

      The “return home” is achieved once people, individually, have their awakening of the realization of Oneness of All There Is. Doesn’t this term sound so cliche? For some I suppose the term can seem redundant and maybe even meaningless, however, for those who have had their own individual experience that goes beyond the realization of the collective and interconnection of people, this is illumination. It is the return home to our True Self and to essence of the core of our Creator.

      How we respond to any given situation is more telling that a new opportunity has arrived for further expansion of consciousness. There seems to be a resistance you may be experiencing related to your disappointment of having limited fulfilling relationships with the male gender.

      At the emotional level and the vibrational frequency that is held when you think of the relationships, is your indication and point of attraction. Remember we are to evolve by way of all relationships, because it is really symbolic of the relationship we hold with ourself.

      It does sound like you are thoroughly enjoying your life, and that is the point after all. Stepping away from the ego, and moving to our “heart mind” will allow all that you may desire. And that desire cannot include having expectations of others to provide us with positive experiences.

      Thank you for your comment, and for the taking the time to share some of your experiences. Regardless of the any negative emotional responses to any one person or situation, we always raise our energy to a positive frequency, as this is why we are here . . . spiritual alchemy . . . transmutation of energy . . our energy. We, ALL, are in the process of becoming whole with the balance of the feminine and masculine energies within us. Genders are merely symbols for these energies. The New Feminine, which is Unconditional Love, is what we are creating in order to create the New Earth.



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