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“Transition To 4th-Dimension Calls For Release of the Old 3-D Aspect of Self”

January 1, 2013

“Transition To 4th– Dimension Calls for Releasing of the Old 3-D Aspects of Self”


I would like to share with you of what I am experiencing as a vital individual process that my Soul is asking and ushering me to do as this very important time of the Spiritual evolution.  My sharing is for the purpose of encouraging  those who are wanting to grow through the aspects of themselves through Spiritual Healings, as they journey on Life’s Path to enlightenment.


Let us be proactive in taking the necessary steps toward the necessity of letting go of the 3-dimensionally embedded self.   We have strongly been conditioned to unknowingly accept false beliefs of our True value and therefore, our most precious Life Purpose.  Unknowingly, we have engaged in an inner self-monologue, emotions, behaviors and actions that continue to be cyclic in its self-defeating pattern.  Does Life require each individual to call themselves Spiritual?  No, however, the necessary inner work still holds strong relevancy and validity to personal development.  All individuals are of a Spiritual Nature, whether we know this to be of Truth or not; we are Pure Love Energy . . . Spirit, above all else.


My recommendation is to see your specific situation and circumstances, those of the negative experience, as a great opportunity for learning and discovering the hidden Blessings within each situation regardless of the severity or seriousness of the issues.  It is vital to understand that the personal experience is meant specifically for you, and to share with another to gain their perspective about your experience of you in any particular situation, is not necessarily in your best interest.  However, to be able to have someone be an “active listener” is very important; to have as many interpersonal relationships as you can.


I believe that the Catholics had something vital that speaks to my point of view; confessing one’s situation, as opposed to exposing one’s sins or wrongful doing, can be beneficial to those who are ready to understand where they are most vulnerable.  However, when the confessional process includes instilling a sense of shame or guilt to the one who is admitting their faults or weaknesses, it has become a type of co-dependent relationship, with a lot of people.


Although, I am a multi-dimensional counselor and life coach, I, too, am facing a final release and letting go through embracing a very serious and chronic medical problem.  I am actually in very good health, and so when my disorder presented itself, I did not take it seriously until now as it has become debilitating.  During the past several months I have done all that I thought of to do, such as attending various doctor visits with dermatologists and allergists, and with my Internal Medical Physician.  I, even, have attempted to have my Natural Path physician help with healing my problem.  Not one doctor, thus far, has been able provide me with adequate treatment.  I go about my workday, and now my body is exhausted from the pain and the side effects of the medical disorder.


On the positive side, I have done all my inner work, including embracing and accepting my condition.  I have continually asked for help from my family from the Angelic and Spiritual Planes, and I have felt them there with me many times.  However, I am fully aware that I must do my part.  So here it is again; the reality that we must do our part, and one can heal ourselves, but us.


Thanks to my sister, and close friends who are very good at being “good listeners,” rather than attempting to “fix” the problem for me, they have been interpersonal with me in such a way that I was able to finally uncover my Life Learning at this time of final release of the old ways of believing, thinking, feeling, and behaving.   I knew the answers would come to me after days and days of asking through affirmations and prayers.  However, I will add that my condition had to become so serious for me to finally get to that important place of truly letting go through acceptance (not a passive . . . take this I cannot handle it).


First, I experienced where my inner healing had to take place, as I was telling my sister that I need to go to the emergency room at the hospital.   As she listened to me, knowing fully how difficult it is from to ask for help and to appear vulnerable to others, she allowed me to cry it out as I explained my situation to her.   She helped me to make a decision to ask for help from medical staff, needing someone to drive me to the hospital, and she did this so well.  I achieved each step, fully aware that I was in the process of working through my deepest issues and false beliefs about myself.  Yes, I am working myself out of the place of resistance.


To make a long story short, as they say, I received, no coincidences, a text from a dear friend, who lives out of state, as does my entire support system.  As I told her that I was planning on going to the ER, I found myself further processing what false belief I have been operating from that lead to unwanted outcomes.   I knew I was working on believing, again, that I am worthy of Love, and that I accept me for who I am . . . etc.  I thought I had achieved this part already!!


But, my epiphany occurred as I felt through my emotional pain of having to go to the ER (where a lot of counseling clients work . . . I live in a small community), that was fearful of showing my vulnerable side.  I did not want the hospital staff or others to know that I was physically suffering; it was important to me to keep the image that I can do it all without help from others.  Was I actually believing that a therapist is not allowed to be ill, and then viewed as ineffective in their own development? Cognitively, I know that no one is expected to do it all alone, or to live as though I never experience human needs.  Wow, my new awareness is taking me, pushing me, to develop an greater ability to Love myself.


I expect I will continue to process even further, and I am now seeing that I must face my fears, and allow myself to ask for help, show my vulnerabilities, and to accept when others say “no” for whatever reason.  This is most significant, and while it may appear so clear to my sister or friends of how I operate as a giver, I had to be given the True type support interaction that required me to experience and grow through what my Spirit Guides and Family have been helping assisting with.  My awareness is still unfolding as I write this article, and is now telling me that I do NOT have to hide anymore. I can safely BE me, and approve of my moments of feeling vulnerable.  I can expect that my process of getting to my core will continue, and I have begun my inner journey to be Free.  I began to feel the freedom as I verbally admitted that I was not wanting others to see me ill for fear that they would judge me as inadequate or incapable of still doing my work as a psychotherapist (their personal counselor).  The blessing is that it took this specific situation for the fear of being vulnerable to show itself.


Life’s mysteries are so beautiful as we begin to trust in our Creator, and for our uniqueness in how we evolve.  However, I do believe, based on my personal experiences along the while on my Path that we require to develop those interpersonal relationships that are so necessary to our Spiritual Unfolding; learning to embrace, and Love (facing the fears) as we clear out the old, and to embrace others (rather than taking them too personally as it reinforces our negative self concept).  When we continue to ask the universe, IT will provide.  I had stopped asking, because as a child I was not encouraged to ask for anything.


It’s time to achieve that wonderful sense of FREEDOM.  Ultimately, I would encourage you to face the releasing of all that needs to be left in the 3-D, so that once we have increased our personal consciousness by freeing ourselves of the root of our fears, we then can become collaborative community builders and healers for the building of the New Earth.


I encourage you to find a counselor or life coach that can be your true support, as you move forward, and perhaps you already have those effective and supportive individuals in your life already.   I also encourage you to reach out, and allow others to grow too, as giving is as vital as receiving from the heart.


With All of My Heart,





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