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Join Our Community!

The Final Push for World Peace is on, but it Requires YOU to Participate and Take Action!  

This is a list of our Achieving World Peace Now! network properties from around the web.

Please join, share stories, ideas, and collaborate on projects about how we can all move towards a bright and peaceful future.

Our Yahoo Group: What kicked off this project.  Polls about moving the project forward.  Also contains this growing list of links to various video channels, blogs, and sites.  Add your favorites so we can all grow!

The Achieving World Peace Now! Facebook Group: This thing exploded with new members as soon as it was started!  Invite your friends, share positive stories about peace, inspire each other with light!

World Peace Flickr Group: Join up to share inspirational and uplifting images and vids.

Our Google Plus Page: Expand our peaceful reach into Google’s social network.

Achieving World Peace Now! LinkedIn Group: May be a good location to find some peaceful professionals who want to collaborate.

Scoop It Online Magazine: You will love this little online magazine.  It is free to make your own!


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